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Čalgija or Chalgiya ("Macedonian language: Чалгија; "Bulgarian language: Чалгия) is a "Macedonian and "Bulgarian music genre, often referred to as "Pop-folk, which also is a subgenre of the old "urban traditional "folk music ("starogradska muzika) of "Republic of Macedonia and "Bulgaria.[1][2][3]

Čalgija is performed by ensembles called Čalgii (Чалгии) with instruments such as a "dajre ("tambourine) and "tarabuka (hourglass drum) providing percussion for "ut ("lute), "kanun ("zither), "clarinet and "violin.[4]

Čalgija or is an old part of the whole Macedonian and Bulgarian folklore art (this includes the rural folklore as well) and it should not be confused with "Chalga (a contemporary "Turbofolk music style in Bulgaria).[5]

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