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15 August 2011 Iraq attacks
Location "Baghdad, "Kut, "Tikrit, "Najaf, "Taji, "Kirkuk, "Mosul and others, "Iraq
Date 15 August 2011 ("UTC+3)
Target Civilian population, Iraqi Police & Army, government officials
Attack type
Shootings, bombings, car bombs, IEDs, suicide bombings
Deaths 64
Non-fatal injuries

The 15 August 2011 Iraq attacks were a series of terrorist incidents that took place across Iraq. At least 37 were killed and 68 injured in Kut after a roadside bomb and a "car bomb exploded in the center of the city. A string of bombings and shootings in the capital took the lives of two and left 27 wounded. Eight were killed and 14 injured in a suicide car bombings in "Khan Bani Saad City. Two car bombs exploded in the Najaf, killing 6 and injuring 79, followed by another blast near "Karbala that killed 4 and injured 41. Numerous other attacks throughout the central and northern parts of Iraq (including a double suicide bombing in Tikrit) left 7 dead and at least 58 wounded.[1]

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