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1908 Democratic National Convention
"1908 presidential election
""WilliamJBryan1902.png ""JohnWKern.jpg
Bryan and Kern
Date(s) July 7–10, 1908
City "Denver, "Colorado
Venue "Denver Auditorium Arena
Presidential nominee "William J. Bryan of "Nebraska
Vice Presidential nominee "John W. Kern of "Indiana
‹ "1904  ·  "1912
Bryan addresses the convention

The 1908 Democratic National Convention took place from July 7 to July 10, 1908, at "Denver Auditorium Arena in "Denver, "Colorado.

The event is widely considered a significant part of Denver's political and social history.


The Convention[edit]

The 1908 convention was the first "convention of a major political party in a "Western state. The city did not host another nominating convention until a century later, at the "2008 Democratic National Convention.

The convention was the second Democratic National Convention to include female delegates.[1][2] They were "Mary C.C. Bradford (Colorado) and "Elizabeth Pugsley Hayward (Mrs. Henry J. Hayward) (Utah). Alternate delegates were Mrs. Charles Cook (Colorado), Harriet G. Hood (Wyoming), and Sara L. Ventress (Utah).[3]

Presidential nomination[edit]

Presidential candidates[edit]

Three names were placed in nomination: "William Jennings Bryan, "John A. Johnson, and "George Gray. Bryan was unanimously declared the candidate for president after handily winning the first ballot's roll call.

Presidential Ballot
1st Unanimous
"William J. Bryan 888.5 1002
"George Gray 59.5
"John A. Johnson 46
Blank 8

Vice presidential nomination[edit]

Vice presidential candidate[edit]

Withdrawn candidates[edit]


"John W. Kern of "Indiana was unanimously declared the candidate for vice-president without a formal ballot after the names of "Charles A. Towne, Archibald McNeil, and "Clark Howell were withdrawn from consideration.

Vice Presidential Ballot
"John W. Kern 1002

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