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39th Motorized Infantry Battalion
"Ukrainian: 39-й окремий мотопіхотний батальйон
""39-й БТрО ЗСУ.png
39th Motorized Infantry Battalion shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 2014 — present
Country  "Ukraine
Branch "Ground Forces
Type "Mechanized Infantry
Size battalion
Engagements "War in Donbas

The 39th Motorized Infantry Battalion "Dnipro-2" is a formation of the "Ukrainian Ground Forces.[1] It was created first in spring 2014 as 39th "territorial defense battalion "Dnipro-2" from volunteers of "Dnipropetrovsk oblast.


In August 2014 39th territorial defense battalion "Dnipro-2" had participated in "Battle of Ilovaisk.[1]


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