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42nd Motorized Infantry Battalion
"Ukrainian: 42-й окремий мотопіхотний батальйон
""42-й БТрО ЗСУ «Рух Опору».png
42nd Territorial Defence Battalion shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 2014 — present
Country  "Ukraine
Branch "Ground Forces
Type "Mechanized Infantry
Size battalion
Engagements "War in Donbas
• "Battle of Ilovaisk

42nd Motorized Infantry Battalion is a formation of the "Ukrainian Ground Forces. It was originally formed as the 42nd "Territorial Defence Battalion "Rukh Oporu" (from "Ukrainian: Рух опору — "Resistance movement) in "Kirovohrad.

The battalion fought in the "War in Donbass.


In August 2014 the battalion was involved in an attempt of Ukrainian command to deblock "encircled forces near Ilovaisk. The assault squad was formed that had 90 soldiers. It was sent from "Kramatorsk in direction of Ilovaisk, after it became clear Russian military forces approached Ilovaisk. The unit was supposed to meet a company tactical group of "92nd Mechanized Brigade and try to breach Russian encirclement. The squad arrived on 27 August to "Dokuchaievsk city where it was beefed with 2 "IFVs and advanced towards Ilovaisk. The column stopped in the field for a night and shortly after it was hit by heavy artillery shelling. The next morning it was completely defeated by Russian paratroopers.[1]


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