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In 2008, ABC-CLIO acquired the Greenwood Publishing Group from "Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The deal gave ABC-CLIO a "perpetual license" to use the imprints of Greenwood Press and publish all of its titles. Acquiring the publishing group gave ABC-CLIO access to Greenwood Press, Praeger Publishers, Praeger Security International and Libraries Unlimited.[9] Greenwood focuses on publishing full-text reference works which are authoritative on various topics.[10]

Libraries Unlimited[edit]

Libraries Unlimited came to ABC-CLIO as part of a deal with Greenwood Press. In 2012, Kathyrn Suárez was named Publisher for this division which focuses on publishing for librarians and information professionals.[10]

ABC-CLIO Solutions[edit]

ABC-CLIO databases are provided under the umbrella of ABC-CLIO Solutions. There are fifteen different databases providing access to different subject areas.[1] ABC-CLIO Solutions provides digital curriculum with multimedia content, text-to-speech features, translation tools which covers various topics relating to history and the humanities.[11] After ABC-CLIO acquired Greenwood Press's databases, they revamped the look and feel of their interface in order to provide common access through the ABC-CLIO interface.[12] ABC-CLIO also provided the ability to search across multiple databases through one search, also providing options for narrowing the search after revamping their interface.[13] The new interface is considered user-friendly and provides access to personalized features.[14] Much of the praise for the direction and expansion of digital services has gone to President of ABC-CLIO, Becky Snyder,[15] who has been with the company since 1996.[6]


Praeger is known for publishing "scholarly and professional books" in the subject areas of social science and the humanities.[10]


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