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""Abiquo logo.png
""Abiquo's documentation wiki
Abiquo's documentation wiki
"Developer(s) Abiquo
"Stable release
"Preview release
Written in "Java [1]
"Operating system "Linux
"Platform "Hypervisors
Available in English and 8 other Languages
"Type "Cloud computing
"License "Proprietary "commercial software

Abiquo Hybrid Cloud Platform is a web-based "cloud computing software platform developed by Abiquo.[2] Written entirely in "Java, it is used to build, integrate and manage public and private clouds in homogeneous environments. Users can deploy and manage servers, storage system and network and virtual devices. It also supports "LDAP integration.[3]



Abiquo supports[4] six "hypervisor systems.

From version 3.1, it also supports multiple public cloud providers:

Abiquo version 3.2 added:

Abiquo version 3.4 added:

Storage services[edit]

Abiquo supports any vendor for hypervisor storage, and also supports tiered storage pools, enabling storage-as-a-service from specific vendors and technologies including:

SAAS version[edit]

In April 2014 Abiquo launched Abiquo anyCloud, a SAAS version of the Abiquo Hybrid Cloud Platform software. This version lets users manage public cloud resources from:

Additional security and process features include workflow, to have an enterprise administrator electronically sign off on changes, an audit trail of activity and the ability to share cloud accounts among and enterprise team in a secure way.

Reviews and Awards[edit]


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