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""AppScale Systems Logo.png
Initial release 1.0 2009-03-07[1]
"Stable release
3.2.1 / 10 April 2017 (2017-04-10)[2]
Written in "Python, "Ruby, "Java, "Go, "PHP
"Operating system "Linux
"Type "Cloud computing
"License "Apache 2.0

AppScale is the world’s most popular open source PaaS. AppScale implements Google App Engine in Open Source, meaning you have the same benefits of the brilliant App Engine development model without being locked-in to Google. You now have the flexibility to run your GAE application on any public or private cloud, including on-premise. AppScale provides “freedom for your application.” You still retain the agile App Engine model to quickly develop and launch your application, but now you have the freedom to choose which public cloud to use. Easy. Fast. AppScale.

AppScale is developed and maintained by AppScale Systems, Inc., based in San Francisco and Santa Barbara, California.



AppScale began as a research project at the "University of California, Santa Barbara Computer Science Department under the supervision of Professor Chandra Krintz.[3] The project was originally funded by the "NSF, with additional funding from "Google, "IBM and "NIH. In 2012, co-founders Dr. Chandra Krintz, Chief Scientist, Dr. Navraj Chohan, Development Lead, and Woody Rollins, CEO founded AppScale Systems to commercialize the private PaaS AppScale technology. Rollins, a pioneer in private cloud infrastructure, was a co-founder and former CEO of "Eucalyptus Systems. In 2014, Graziano Obertelli joined AppScale as VP of Operations from Eucalyptus Systems, where he was a co-founder.

In April 2014, AppScale Systems was named a 2014 Cool Vendor in "PaaS by "Gartner, Inc.[4] In September 2014, AppScale Systems won a Bossie Award from "InfoWorld for best open source data center and cloud software[5]

Open source components[edit]

AppScale is based upon well known production ready Open Source components. Below you will find a list of the component AppScale uses, listed by App Engine API.

Supported platforms[edit]

AppScale is designed the make your App Engine application portable across a large number of resources provider. AppScale runs virtually on any platform, for exmaple:

AppScale is also available in any major Cloud Providers marketplace as a single-click deployment to empathize the ease of use of the platform, and to spread the love for the App Engine model. AppScale is also available on regions where Google App Engine latency or availability is sub-par, for example in China.

Supported languages[edit]

AppScale supports all the languages in Google App Engine standard environment. In particular:

Support for the flexible environment languages is on the way.

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