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Art is an "Irish language masculine given name, originating in "Irish mythology.[1] Though the "Welsh name "Arthur is frequently shortened to Art, the Irish name Art is wrongly translated to Arthur.


Origins and history[edit]

The name originated in the "Irish language and ancient Irish legends. The original meaning of the name is ‘bear’, but the word has been used only as a personal name and figuratively meant ‘a champion’. Many of the ancient legendary Irish kings had the name. Art Óenfer (Art the lonely), son of Conn Céadchathach (Conn of the Hundred Battles). Literature also has marvellous stories of Art Óenfer’s adventures seeking the beautiful Dealbhchaomh on the Island of Women, bringing her back to Ireland and expelling his evil stepmother Bé Chuma forever. Many of the ancient ruling families of Ireland honoured the name including the O’Neill Dynasty and the "Ó Conchubhair Donn family.[2]

People with the name Art[edit]

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