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Arts and Humanities
""Arts and Humanities logo.jpg
643 S. 25 Street
"Lincoln, "Nebraska
"United States
Type "Public "magnet "high school
Established 1999
School board "Lincoln Public Schools
Principal John Neal
Faculty 4[1]
Grades "9-"12
"Nickname Arts[2]

Arts and Humanities Focus Program, commonly referred to as Arts,[2] is a "focus program that specializes in "art and the "humanities. The school opened in 1999,[3] and is housed in a historic bottling plant along the banks of "Antelope Creek in "Lincoln, "Nebraska, United States.[4]


The program's current regular activities include:

The Arts and Humanities Focus program has welcomed several speakers over the past six semesters, including actor and director "Peter Riegert, New York mime "Bill Bowers, "DC Comics and "Marvel Comics cartoonist Bob Hall, and director Rodney Evans.

Past speakers who have visited include author "Daniel Quinn, author and activist "Howard Zinn, and President of the "ACLU "Nadine Strossen.


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