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Ashikaga Yoshikazu (足利 義量, August 27, 1407 – March 17, 1425) was the 5th "shogun of the "Ashikaga shogunate who reigned from 1423 to 1425 during the "Muromachi period of "Japan. Yoshikazu was the son of the fourth "shogun "Ashikaga Yoshimochi.[1]

Yoshimochi ceded power to his son, and Yoshikazu became "Seii Taishogun at age 18;[2] but he would die within two years.[3] According to Oguri Hangan ichidaiki, Yoshikazu's death was hastened by a life of drunken dissipation.[4]His buddhist name was Chojo'in (長得院).

Significant events shape the period during which Yoshikazu was shogun:[5]

Yoshimochi was succeeded by his brother, the sixth shogun "Ashikaga Yoshinori, in 1429.[6]


Era of Yoshikazu's bakufu[edit]

The years in which Yoshikazu was shogun are encompassed within a single "era name or "nengō.[7]


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