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The names of different species of "nymphs varied according to their natural abodes. The Auloniad ("/əˈlniæd/; Αὐλωνιάς from the classical Greek αὐλών "valley, ravine") was a nymph who could be found in mountain "pastures and "vales, often in the company of "Pan, the god of nature.

"Eurydice, for whom "Orpheus traveled into dark "Hades, was an Auloniad, and it was in the valley of the "Thessalian river "Pineios where she met her death, indirectly, at the hands of "Aristaeus. Aristaeus, son of the god "Apollo and the nymph "Cyrene, desired to ravish Eurydice. Either disgust or fear made the nymph run away from him without looking where she was going. Eurydice trod on a poisonous serpent and died.[1]


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