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Bakhmut Raion
Бахмутський район
""Flag of Bakhmut Raion
""Coat of arms of Bakhmut Raion
Coat of arms
""Бахмутський район.svg
Coordinates: 48°51′17.1858″N 38°6′15.4584″E / 48.854773833°N 38.104294000°E / 48.854773833; 38.104294000"Coordinates: 48°51′17.1858″N 38°6′15.4584″E / 48.854773833°N 38.104294000°E / 48.854773833; 38.104294000
Country  "Ukraine
"Region "Donetsk Oblast
Established N/A
"Admin. center "Bakhmut
 • Total 1,687 km2 (651 sq mi)
 • Total 108,637
 • Density 64/km2 (170/sq mi)
"Time zone "EET ("UTC+2)
 • Summer ("DST) "EEST ("UTC+3)
"Postal index N/A
"Area code 380
Website Verkhovna Rada website

Bakhmut Raion ("Ukrainian: Бахмутський район) is a "raion ("district) within the northeastern part of "Donetsk Oblast in eastern "Ukraine. Its "administrative center is "Bakhmut, but the city itself administratively does not belong the raion. Its area is 1,687 km2 (651 sq mi), and its population is approximately 108,637 (2017 est.)[1].

Created in 1923, in 1924 - 2016 it was known as Artemivsk Raion after its administrative center. Due to the "War in Donbass, three smaller municipalities were transferred away from Yenakiieve municipality and transferred to Bakhmut Raion (at that time Artemivsk Raion), among which are "Vuhlehirsk municipality, Olkhovatka municipality, and Bulavynske municipality. On 4 February 2016, the "Verkhovna Rada renamed raion to Bakhmut Raion.[2]

Within the Bakhmut Raion there are one city ("Siversk), one "urban-type settlement ("Luhanske), 19 "selsovets, and 104 settlements. Also included within the raion are 21 "kolhozy, 14 "sovhozy, 4 industrial organisations, 43 "libraries, and a "movie theater.




As of the "2001 Ukrainian census:[3]


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