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Barack Obama
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Barack Obama[edit]

"Barack Obama
"First 100 days
"2009 Timeline
"2010 Timeline
"2011 Timeline
"Foreign policy
"Obama Doctrine
"Federal judges appointed by Barack Obama
"Supreme Court candidates
"Presidential trips
"Health care reform
"Public image
Early life and career
"Early life and career
"Illinois U.S. House election
"Illinois U.S. Senate election
"Illinois Senate career
"2004 Democratic National Convention
"United States Senate career
"Presidential primary campaign
"Presidential campaign, 2008
"Presidential campaign, 2012
"Electoral history
"Political positions
"2009 Nobel Peace Prize
"2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address
"A More Perfect Union
"Grant Park Victory Speech
"Speech to joint session of Congress, February 2009
"A New Beginning
"Speech to joint session of Congress, September 2009
"2010 State of the Union Address
"Barack Obama Tucson memorial speech
"2011 State of the Union Address
"Barack Obama, Sr.
"Michelle Obama
"Ann Dunham
"Madelyn Dunham
"Stanley Armour Dunham
"Lolo Soetoro
"Maya Soetoro-Ng
"Bo (dog)
"Sunny (dog)
"Dreams from My Father
"The Audacity of Hope
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