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Boris Alexandrovich Tchaikovsky ("Russian: Борис Александрович Чайковский; 10 September 1925 – 7 February 1996) was a Soviet "composer, born in "Moscow, whose oeuvre includes orchestral works, "chamber music and "film music. He is considered as part of the second generation of Russian composers, following in the steps of "Pyotr Tchaikovsky (to whom he was not related[1]) and especially "Mussorgsky.

He was admired by "Dmitri Shostakovich, with whom he studied, who (according to Per Skans in his notes for a recording) suggested in a letter of February 1, 1969 to Isaak Glikman, that "If "Barshai's orchestra (the "Moscow chamber orchestra) makes a guest appearance in Leningrad playing "Vainberg's Tenth Symphony and Boris Tchaikovsky's Sinfonietta, you really have to hear them".["citation needed]

Of his larger-scale works almost all have been recorded. Boris Tchaikovsky generally wrote in a tonal style, although he made brief forays into "serialism.


Selected works[edit]

Chamber music

Film scores[edit]

Year English title Original title Notes
1952 Опасный рельс directed by Khanan Shmain
1956 Murder on Dante Street Убийство на улице Данте directed by "Mikhail Romm
1957 Обыкновенный человек directed by Alexander Stolbov
1958 October Days В дни Октября directed by "Sergei Vasilyev
"Journey Beyond Three Seas Pardesi; Хождение за три моря directed by "Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and "Vasili Pronin
1959 Заре навстречу directed by Tatyana Lukashevich
Anyuta Анюта segment from Three Tales of Chekhov; directed by Meri Andzhaparidze
1960 "Splendid Days Серёжа directed by "Georgi Daneliya and "Igor Talankin
1961 В пути directed by Meri Andzhaparidze
1962 "The Tram to other Cities" Трамвай в другие города directed by Yuli Fait
1963 Summer Is Over Пропало лето directed by "Rolan Bykov and Nikita Orlov
Прочь с дороги! directed by E. Shorokh
Жертва directed by Meri Andzhaparidze
1964 "Balzaminov's Marriage Женитьба Бальзаминова directed by Konstantin Voynov
The front is in defense Пока фронт в обороне directed by Yuli Fait
1965 "The Road to a Sea" Дорога к морю directed by Irina Poplavskaya
1966 A Boy and A Girl Мальчик и девочка directed by Yuli Fait
"Aybolit-66 Айболит-66 directed by "Rolan Bykov
1967 Autumn Weddings Осенние свадьбы directed by Boris Yashin
1968 Первая девушка directed by Boris Yashin
1969 Гори, гори моя звезда directed by "Alexander Mitta
1971 Нюркина жизнь directed by Anatoli Bobrovsky
1974 "Moscow, My Love Москва, любовь моя directed by "Alexander Mitta and "Kenji Yoshida (吉田憲二; Кэндзи Ёсида)
Shower Ливень directed by Boris Yashin
1976 Собственное мнение directed by Yuli Karasik
Долги наши directed by Boris Yashin
1978 Лоскутик и облако animated film; directed by Rasa Strautmane
Как тоску одолели animated film; directed by Yuri Trofimov
Расмус–бродяга directed by Maria Muat
A French Lessons Уроки французского directed by Yevgeny Tashkov
1979 Северная сказка directed by Rasa Strautmane
1983 Подросток TV mini-series; directed by Yevgeny Tashkov
1984 Зелёный остров directed by Yuli Fait
1987 Ловкачи directed by Yevgeny Tashkov


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