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Bosiljevo 2 interchange
"Croatian: čvor Bosiljevo 2
""A trumpet motorway interchange
Bosiljevo 2 interchange, junction of the A1 and A6
southwest of "Karlovac, "Croatia
"Coordinates 45°24′29″N 15°15′25″E / 45.408054°N 15.256995°E / 45.408054; 15.256995"Coordinates: 45°24′29″N 15°15′25″E / 45.408054°N 15.256995°E / 45.408054; 15.256995
Roads at
Type "Trumpet interchange

The Bosiljevo 2 interchange ("Croatian: čvor Bosiljevo 2 is a "trumpet interchange southwest of "Karlovac, "Croatia. The interchange is the northern terminus of the "A6 motorway and it connects the A6 route to the "A1 motorway between "Bosiljevo 1 and "Ogulin exits. The interchange is a part of "Pan-European corridor Vb.[1] It also represents a part of "European route E65.[2]

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