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Box Office Prophets
Type of site
"Film, "television, "box office
Available in English
Website boxofficeprophets.com
Commercial Yes
Launched July 25, 2001

Box Office Prophets (BOP) is a web site that contains movie-related features and information. Debuting on July 25, 2001, the site is a de facto sequel to the now-defunct the-prophets.com, a movie web site started in 1998. Box Office Prophets was originally launched as the first site to offer a comprehensive, searchable database for weekend "box office free of charge to visitors.

The initial focus was on independent analysis of the box office performance of movies. The site has evolved into one of the largest film and entertainment sites on the internet, offering box office discussions, movie and television news, DVD and movie reviews, contests, giveaways, and trivia quizzes. BOP's experts have been featured in reports by "CNN,[1] "Salon,[2] "USA Today,[3] "CNBC, and "MSNBC, among others. The site is a division of One of Us, Inc.

In 2002, BOP started its annual end-of-the-year awards, The Calvins. Best Picture winners have included "Serenity, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, "Lost in Translation, "About a Boy and "The Royal Tenenbaums. The awards are announced in mid-February and include unusual categories such as Breakthrough Performance, Overlooked Film, Best Scene, Best Trailer and Best Use of Music.


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