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Brexit: The Movie
""Brexit The Movie logo.jpg
Directed by "Martin Durkin[1]
Written by Martin Durkin
Wag TV[1]
Release date
12 May 2016
Running time
81 minutes
Country United Kingdom[1]
Language English
Budget £300,000[2]

Brexit: The Movie is a crowdfunded 2016 British "documentary film written and directed by "Martin Durkin, advocating for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the "European Union,[2] commonly called "Brexit (a "portmanteau of British and exit).



The film was "crowdfunded through "Kickstarter, with its £100,000 goal having been met with contributions from 1,500 donors by 26 February 2016.[1][3][4] According to the film's official website, by the end of production a total of over £300,000 had been raised by over 1,800 contributors.[2]


The film was made available for free online "streaming on "YouTube and "Vimeo on 12 May 2016,[5][6] the day after its release and premiere at the "Odeon Leicester Square in "London.[7] It was also broken into a 26-part series published as a YouTube playlist, embedded on the official movie website.[8]


Brexit: The Movie received over 1.5 million views on YouTube by 23 June 2016 (the date of the referendum).[5] The film's reviews upon release included both praise and "criticism.

"James Delingpole of the "alt-right news website "Breitbart News London commented that the film offered a more optimistic tone for Brexit compared to that in his opinion of "the peevish, scaremongering Remainers".[9] Paul Baldwin writing for "The Daily Express, a pro-Brexit newspaper, called it a "powerful" exposure of the lack of accountability within the European Union.[3] Nicholas Dunn-McAfee of the "Public Relations and Communications Association commented that the film was "easily digestible" and "witty" but felt that it was a "little too late and a little too stretched".[10]

"Newsweek noted the film's attempt to market to "conservative, "anti-establishment audiences, calling it "a "libertarian's wet dream of "Randian proportions", and criticising alleged inconsistencies in the film.[11] "The Huffington Post criticised the film, stating it relied on "ethnic stereotypes and omitted certain perspectives. Huffington praised the film's persuasiveness, but indicated that it could also potentially drive voters towards the Remain camp.[7] The German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung criticised the lack of balance in the film as it did not feature a single pro-European.[12]

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