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Buky Schwartz
""Buky Schwartz.jpg
Buky Schwartz, 1980
Born (1932-06-16)June 16, 1932
Died September 1, 2009(2009-09-01) (aged 77)
Nationality Israeli
Education "Avni Institute of Art and Design, "Tel Aviv
"Saint Martin's School of Art, London
Known for "Sculpture
Movement "Israeli art

Buky Schwartz (pronounced BOO-kie) ("Hebrew: בוקי שוורץ‎; June 16, 1932 – September 1, 2009) was an "Israeli sculptor and "video artist.[1]



Moshe (Buky) Schwartz was born in "Jerusalem. From 1956 to 1958, he studied sculpture with "Yitzhak Danziger (1916–1977) at the "Avni Institute of Art and Design in "Tel Aviv. In 1959, he moved to "London to study at "Saint Martin's School of Art. In 1966-1967, he taught at Saint Martin's.[2]

Art career[edit]

"Reflection Triangle," 1980

After returning to Israel in 1963, he became known for his painted steel sculptures that were predominately geometric in form. In 1971, he moved to "New York City, and began making "video structures" in which he filled a room with shapes that came together as a unified whole when projected on a video screen. He also placed mirrors inside sculptures that reflected the sculpture as a whole or certain parts of it. Schwartz also created conceptual art based on an exploration of his own body.[3]He showed his video installations at The Cultural Space on "Canal Street in Manhattan.[4]

Schwartz lived and worked in "Tel Aviv and "New York City until his death in 2009.

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