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Business for Britain is a "eurosceptic campaign group which seeks renegotiation of the relationship between the "United Kingdom and the "European Union. The campaign was founded in April 2013 by 500 business leaders, including Phones 4u co-founder "John Caudwell and former Marks & Spencer chairman "Stuart Rose.[1]



In 2014, the group published non-peer reviewed and misleading research on the UK's voting record in the European Parliament called Measuring Britain’s influence in the Council of Ministers.[2] In October 2015, the Business for Britain Board unanimously decided to support the "Vote Leave campaign.[3]


The Board includes businesspeople such as Neville Baxter, "Harriet Bridgeman CBE, "Peter Cruddas, "Robert Hiscox, Daniel Hodson, John Hoerner, Brian Kingham, Adrian McAlpine, and Jon Moynihan OBE.[4] The campaign's chief executive is "Matthew Elliott, founder and former chief executive of the right wing group, the "TaxPayers' Alliance.[4]


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