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The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Belarus ("Belarusian: Цэнтральная камісія па выбарах і правядзеньні рэспубліканскіх рэфэрэндумаў Рэспублікі Беларусь) is the body responsible for conducting national "elections and overseeing local elections in "Belarus.


International Cooperation[edit]

The CEC of Belarus is a member of the "Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials.[1]

Allegations of Election Fraud[edit]

On 10 April 2006, following the "2006 presidential election in Belarus, the Chairwoman of the CEC, "Lidia Yermoshina, was placed on a "list of over 40 members of the Belarusian government banned from entering the European Union and the United States for allegedly participating in the manipulation of the results of the presidential election; the ban was lifted in 2008.[2]



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