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""Chokwe is located in Mozambique
Coordinates: 24°31′31″S 33°0′31″E / 24.52528°S 33.00861°E / -24.52528; 33.00861"Coordinates: 24°31′31″S 33°0′31″E / 24.52528°S 33.00861°E / -24.52528; 33.00861
"Country  "Mozambique
"Provinces "Gaza Province
Population (2008)
 • Total 61 666

Chokwé, and earlier known as Vila Trigo de Morais, is a rural town and capital of "Chokwe District in the "province of "Gaza in "Mozambique. It is located about 230 km north of the capital city of "Maputo. This agricultural town is noted for its "tomatoes.[1]



Chokwe lies in the mixed "farming zone on the southern side of the "Limpopo river. There has been recent immigration of cattle and people into this relatively safe town and district from surrounding areas affected by the war, and concentration of a previously more scattered population into villages on the edge of a large irrigation scheme. This has caused many "cattle to die of hunger in the dry season.[2]

Floods of 2010 and 2013[edit]

Despite the relative safety, in 2000 the town and its surroundings were particularly hard hit by rising flood waters from the "Limpopo River.

In 2013, the city "was devastated by the flooding of the Limpopo River. Most of its 70,000 residents escaped with whatever they could grab." Many evacuated to the "Chiaquelane accommodation center.[3][4][5]


Year Population[6]
1997 51 635
2008 61 666


Chokwe is served by a station on the southern line of Mozambique Railways.

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