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Coat of Arms of Edmonton
"Armiger "Edmonton, "Alberta
Adopted 1994
"Crest features a "mace at the very top (the crest) representing Edmonton as Alberta's capital.
"Escutcheon The sun emblazoned on the shield represents Edmonton's above-average amount of sunshine. The city's importance as an aviation and industrial centre is illustrated by a winged wheel. A wavy ribbon symbolises the "North Saskatchewan River. A sheaf symbolises agriculture.
"Supporters On the left, a métis explorer, a reminder of the city's fur trading past, looks to the future. On the right, "Athena, the goddess of wisdom, represents education and the "University of Alberta.
"Compartment The compartment or base is a simple grassy mount.
"Motto Industry – Integrity – Progress

The "coat of arms of "Edmonton was granted on 28 October 1994.


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