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Collection de l'art brut
""Losanna, collection de l'art brut, 03.JPG
View, inside the museum (2014).
""Collection de l'art brut is located in Switzerland
Collection de l'art brut
Location in Switzerland
Established 1976
Location "Lausanne, "Switzerland
"Coordinates 46°31′39″N 6°37′29″E / 46.527485°N 6.624743°E / 46.527485; 6.624743
Public transit access Jomini ou Beaulieu (bus line 2 and 21)
Beaulieu (bus line 3)
Website Official website

The Collection de l'art brut (literally "Collection of Outsider Art"; sometimes referred to as "Musée de l'art brut") is a "museum dedicated to "outsider art located in "Lausanne, "Switzerland.

""Losanna, collection de l'art brut, 05.JPG

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