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Colorado Democratic Party
Chairperson "Morgan Carroll
Senate leader "Lucia Guzman
House leader "Crisanta Duran
Headquarters "Denver, CO
"Ideology "Liberalism
"Social liberalism
National affiliation "Democratic Party
Colors Blue
Seats in the Upper House
17 / 35
Seats in the Lower House
34 / 65

The Colorado Democratic Party is the affiliate of the "Democratic Party in the U.S. state of "Colorado. Its Chair is "Morgan Carroll.

The remaining officers are: David Sabados - First Vice Chair; Martelle Daniels - Secretary; Rita Simas - Treasurer.

The governing body of the party is the State Central Committee, which consists of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party in each of Colorado's 64 counties, and "bonus" members for larger counties.

Each county party elects its officers between February 1 and February 15 of each odd-numbered year; the state party then elects its officers in March of odd-numbered years.



The Colorado Democratic Party manages and oversees statewide coordinated campaigns and is responsible for arranging and staging the state convention in Presidential years and the state assembly every two years. The state convention selects delegates to the "Democratic National Convention and Colorado's "Presidential electors. The state's assemblies designate candidates for statewide, congressional, district attorneys, state legislative and county offices, including the offices of "Governor, "Attorney-General, "Colorado, "Treasurer, C.U. Regent At-Large, and "United States Senator. The party also adopts its "platform at the state convention.


Based on their 2010 party platform, it is Democratic Party of Colorado's goal to respect all people, no matter of race, religion, sex, or ethnicity and pledge to them that they will build and maintain a nation that is secure and respected worldwide. With that in mind, the Colorado Democratic party promises to maintain the same, high standards for all international relations by supporting the equal right of all people to have freedom of expression, religion and the pursuit of happiness. Additionally, they promise a quality public education, a clean and safe environment, a healthy future, and a fair living wage. It is their goal to create an ethical government and society that is fair, open and accountable to all people. They vow to accept fundamental responsibility to all future generations and to pursue only policies that are sustainable and maintain or improve global well-being.

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