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ComRes Ltd
"Private limited company
Industry "Market research
"Opinion polling
Founded 2003
Founders Andrew Hawkins
Headquarters "London, "United Kingdom
Area served
Website comresglobal.com

ComRes is a "market research consultancy headquartered in "London, "UK and operating internationally. Established in 2003 as Communicate Research Ltd, ComRes was a founding member of the "British Polling Council in 2004, and is one of the UK's best known polling companies.[1][2]

The company is prominent in the British media through its regular voting intention polls for "ITV News, the "Daily Mail, and for its surveys of legislators in "Westminster and "Brussels.[3][4][5] Other media outlets such as "The Independent, the "BBC, and "Sky News also commission ComRes research.[6][7]

It has offices in "Westminster and "Brussels, and works with clients across business, government, and the voluntary sector.[8]



Founded by current Chairman Andrew Hawkins in 2003, ComRes originally focused on research in the political sphere. In 2010, it was named Pollster of the Year at the Public Affairs Awards.[9]

In recent years, the business has expanded to develop expertise in a wider range of sectors, including "financial services, "education, "healthcare, "transport, and the "voluntary sector.[10][11][12][13][14]

It won the "Market Research Society's Public Policy & Social Research Award in 2014, for its research on behalf of the "Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.[15]


ComRes uses a range of methodologies to conduct quantitative and qualitative research. These include telephone, face-to-face, and online "surveys, "focus groups, "consultations, and "social media monitoring.[16]

As a registered market research agency, ComRes is exempt from the UK's "Telephone Preference Service, and can therefore conduct "computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) across the country.[17] It continues to conduct its national voting intention surveys via this methodology.[18]

The company also provides data analytics such as "market segmentation, "regression analysis, "MaxDiff, and "conjoint analysis.[19]

Poll Archive[edit]

The company makes freely available its political voting intention polls on its website along with results from regular surveys.[20]

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