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George Washington at Princeton,
by "Charles Willson Peale, 1779

"George Washington has inspired artistic and cultural works for more than two hundred years. The following lists cover various media to include items of historic interest, enduring works of high art, and recent representations in popular culture. The entries represent portrayals that a reader has a reasonable chance of encountering rather than a complete catalog. Lesser known works are not included.

For purposes of classification, popular culture music is a separate section from operas and oratorios. Television covers live action series, TV movies, miniseries, and North American animation but not Japanese anime, which appears with manga and graphic novels.




Date Title Portrayer Country Notes IMDB
1994 The American Revolution "Cliff Robertson (voice) USA
2002 Founding Brothers "Brian Dennehy (voice) USA [1]
2007 Searching for George Washington "Martin Sheen (voice) USA


Date Title Portrayer Country Notes IMDB
1909 Washington Under the American Flag "Joseph Kilgour USA Directed by "J. Stuart Blackton [2]
1909 Washington Under the British Flag Directed by J. Stuart Blackton [3]
1915 "The Battle Cry of Peace Directed by J. Stuart Blackton and "Wilfrid North [4]
1916 The Dawn of Freedom Directed by "Theodore Marston and "Paul Scardon [5]
1917 "The Spirit of '76 William Beery Directed by "Frank Montgomery [6]
1924 Yorktown George Nash Black and white silent film directed by "Webster Campbell [7]
1924 "America Arthur Dewey Directed by "D.W. Griffith [8]
1927 "The Flag "Francis X. Bushman Directed by "Arthur Maude [9]
1931 "Alexander Hamilton "Alan Mowbray Directed by "John G. Adolfi [10]
1932 "The Phantom President "Alan Mowbray Directed by "Norman Taurog [11]
1936 "Give Me Liberty "Robert Warwick Directed by "B. Reeves Eason
1939 "Sons of Liberty "Montagu Love Directed by "Michael Curtiz [12]
1940 "The Howards of Virginia "George Houston Directed by "Frank Lloyd [13]
1942 "The Remarkable Andrew "Montagu Love Directed by "Stuart Heisler [14]
1945 "Where Do We Go from Here? "Alan Mowbray Directed by "Gregory Ratoff [15]
1946 "Monsieur Beaucaire "Douglass Dumbrille Directed by "George Marshall [16]
1947 "Unconquered "Richard Gaines Directed by "Cecil B. DeMille [17]
1959 "John Paul Jones "John Crawford Directed by "John Farrow [18]
1961 "La Fayette "Howard St. John France / Italy Directed by "Jean Dréville [19]
1976 "Independence "Patrick O'Neal USA Directed by "John Huston [20]
2000 "The Patriot Terry Layman Directed by "Roland Emmerich [21]
2014 "Mr. Peabody & Sherman "Jess Harnell USA Directed by "Rob Minkoff [22]
2015 "Beyond the Mask John Arden McClure USA Directed by Chad Burns [23]
The General USA [24]
The Virginian USA Directed by "Jason Hall [25]


Date Title Portrayer Country Notes IMDB
1952 "Hallmark Hall of Fame The Plot to Kidnap George Washington "Tod Griffin USA [26]
1955 "You Are There Washington Crosses the Delaware (December 25, 1776) CBS "Russ Conway USA [27]


1972 "Bewitched George Washington Zapped Here (Parts 1 and 2) "Will Geer USA [29] [30]
1998–2001 "Histeria! N/A USA Featured a caricature of Washington modeled after Bob Hope as an occasional guest host. [31]
1989 A Little Bit Strange N/A USA/Canada [32]
2007 "Masters of Horror ""The Washingtonians" N/A USA Washington is portrayed as a "cannibal in a fictional account of alternate history.
2011 "Deadliest Warrior Nick Schroeder (young) USA In the third-season premiere, Washington battled "Napoleon. [33]
2013–2014 "Sleepy Hollow "Louis Herthum USA [34]
2014 "Epic Rap Battles of History "Peter Shukoff USA "YouTube "web series; episode "George Washington vs. "William Wallace". [35]
2014–2017 "Turn: Washington's Spies "Ian Kahn USA [36]
2015 Turn: Washington's Spies Bryan Adrian USA [37]
2016 "Timeless "Damian O'Hare USA [38]

Television movies[edit]

Date Title Portrayer Country Notes IMDB
1975 Valley Forge "Richard Basehart USA TV movie directed by Fielder Cook [39]
1976 The Patriots Ralph Clanton USA TV movie directed by Bob Hankal and Robert Strane [40]
1979 The Rebels "Peter Graves USA TV movie directed by Russ Mayberry [41]
1992 1775 "Adam West USA TV movie directed by "David Trainer [42]
2000 "The Crossing "Jeff Daniels USA TV movie directed by Robert Harmonstarring [43]
2003 "Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor "Kelsey Grammer USA TV movie directed by "Mikael Salomon [44]


Date Title Portrayer Country Notes IMDB
1984 "George Washington "Barry Bostwick USA TV miniseries directed by Buzz Kulik [45]
1986 "George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation Barry Bostwick USA TV miniseries directed by "William A. Graham [46]
1997 LIBERTY! The American Revolution "Stephen Lang (voice) USA TV miniseries directed by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer [47]
1999 Celebrity DeathMatch N/A USA Faced-off against Abraham Lincoln
2000 Founding Fathers "Brian Dennehy (voice) USA TV miniseries directed by Mark Hufnail and "Melissa Jo Peltier [48]
2000 The American President "Walter Cronkite (voice) USA TV miniseries directed by Philip Kunhardt III, Philip Kunhardt Jr., Peter W. Kunhardt, and James A. Edgar [49]
2002 "Liberty's Kids Michael Santo (voice) USA TV animated series
2006 Washington the Warrior Jackson Bolt, Shea Patrick (young) USA TV miniseries directed by Robert M. Wise [50]
2006 The War That Made America Larry Nehring USA TV miniseries directed by Ben Loeterman and Eric Stange [51]
2008 "John Adams "David Morse USA TV miniseries directed by Tom Hooper starring "David Morse as Washington [52]
2015 "Sons of Liberty "Jason O'Mara USA TV miniseries [53]

Video games[edit]

Date Title Portrayer Country Notes IMDB
1991 "Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure N/A USA One of the historical figures that must be retrieved within the game.
1993 "Day of the Tentacle N/A USA A character that travels to the past meets George Washington, and among other things, "converts" a kumquat tree to a cherry tree for George to cut down [54]
1993 "Mario's Time Machine N/A USA
1994 "Liberty or Death N/A Japan, USA
2004 "The Political Machine N/A USA
2005 "Age of Empires III "Daniel Riordan (voice) USA [55]
2005 "Civilization IV N/A USA [56]
2007 "Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs "Daniel Riordan (voice) USA
2008 "The Political Machine 2008 N/A USA
2008 "Civilization IV: Colonization N/A USA
2010 "Civilization V Marcel Jeanin (voice) USA [57]
2012 "The Political Machine 2012 N/A USA
2012 "Assassin's Creed III "Robin Atkin Downes (voice) Canada The assassin ancestor Ratonhnhaké:ton interacts with Washington during the course of the American Revolution. [58]
2012 "Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington Robin Atkin Downes (voice) Canada Revolves around an alternative history, wherein Washington becomes corrupted by an ancient artifact, and dubs himself King. [59]
2014 "Second Chance Heroes N/A USA, Canada George Washington is featured in a comic book introduction to the game.
2014 "Assassin's Creed: Rogue "Tod Fennell (voice) Bulgaria A young Washington briefly appears during a party for his half-brother, Lawrence. [60]
2016 "The Political Machine 2016 N/A USA

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