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  1. ^ "Anguilla and "Montserrat are members of OECS currency union, but not of the CSME.
  2. ^ http://www.marcasepatentes.pt/files/collections/pt_PT/1/2/14/CPI%201995.pdf Decreto-Lei n. 16/95/M
  3. ^ To all intents and purposes a monetary union. They are the last two nations whose dollars have remained at par and mutually interchangeable since the days when the "Spanish Dollar was the united currency of large areas of the "New World and "South East Asia.
  4. ^ alongside the "ngultrum
  5. ^ Not official, but freely used as a tender in Nepal, due to primarily the economic flux with India and also the instability caused by that country's civil war.
  6. ^ Compact of Free Association, Article V, Section 251
  7. ^ EU "Overseas countries and some other territories participate partially in the EU single market per part four of the Treaty Establishing the European Community; Some EU Outermost regions and other territories use the "Euro of the currency union, others are part of the "customs union; some participate in both unions and some in neither.
    "Territories of the United States, "Australian External Territories and "Realm of New Zealand territories share the currency and mostly also the "market of their respective mainland state, but are generally not part of its "customs territory.
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  12. ^ Not currently on any political agenda, based mostly off conspiracy theories.

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