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Cyclocross Leuven
Race details
Date December, January
Region "Leuven, "Belgium
Discipline Cyclo-cross
First edition 2011 (2011)
Editions 7 (as of 2018)
First winner  "Sven Nys (BEL)
Most wins  "Sven Nys (BEL)
 "Mathieu van der Poel (NED) 2 wins
Most recent  "Corné van Kessel (NED)

The Cyclocross Leuven is a cyclo-cross race held in "Leuven, "Belgium. It was first held on 30 December 2011 as a part of the Fidea Classics, replacing the Cyclocross Tervuren.[1] Since the 2012–2013 season, it is part of the SOUDAL Classics.[2] The track is located on the military domain next to the Hertogstraat in "Heverlee, a "deelgemeente of Leuven.[3]




Year Winner 2nd 3rd
2018  "Corné van Kessel (NED)  "Clément Venturini (FRA)  "Michael Vanthourenhout (BEL)
2017  "Mathieu van der Poel (NED)  "Kevin Pauwels (BEL)  "Laurens Sweeck (BEL)
2016  "Toon Aerts (BEL)  "Tom Meeusen (BEL)  "Vincent Baestaens (BEL)
2015  "Mathieu van der Poel (NED)  "Tom Meeusen (BEL)  "Kevin Pauwels (BEL)
2014  "Sven Nys (BEL)  "Kevin Pauwels (BEL)  "Tom Meeusen (BEL)
2012  "Niels Albert (BEL)  "Kevin Pauwels (BEL)  "Sven Nys (BEL)
2011  "Sven Nys (BEL)  "Rob Peeters (BEL)  "Francis Mourey (FRA)



Year Winner 2nd 3rd
2018  "Loes Sels (BEL)  "Thalita de Jong (NED)  Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (NED)
2017  "Katie Compton (USA)  "Sophie de Boer (NED)  "Ellen Van Loy (BEL)
2016  "Sophie de Boer (NED)  "Sanne Cant (BEL)  "Ellen Van Loy (BEL)
2015  "Sabrina Stultiens (NED)  "Ellen Van Loy (BEL)  "Jolien Verschueren (BEL)
2014  "Marianne Vos (NED)  "Sanne Cant (BEL)  "Nikki Harris (GBR)
2012  "Sanne Cant (BEL)  "Amy Dombroski (USA)  "Ellen Van Loy (BEL)
2011  "Marianne Vos (NED)  "Daphny van den Brand (NED)  "Sophie de Boer (NED)



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