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Type "Digital broadcast "television network
Country "United States
Availability Nationwide (available on "OTA digital television)
(U.S. coverage: 55%)[1]
Founded October 21, 2014 (2014-10-21)
"Slogan Relive. Remember. Relate.
Owner "CBS Television Stations
"Weigel Broadcasting
Parent "CBS Corporation
"Weigel Broadcasting
Key people
Launch date
January 16, 2015 (2015-01-16)
(soft launch)
May 25, 2015 (2015-05-25)
(official launch)[2]
Picture format
"480i ("SDTV; "widescreen)
"Affiliates List of affiliates
Official website

Decades is an "American "digital broadcast "television network that is owned as a "joint venture between the "CBS Television Stations subsidiary of "CBS Corporation and "Weigel Broadcasting.[2][3] The network, which is primarily carried on the "digital subchannels of "television stations, mainly airs classic television "sitcoms and drama series from the 1950s through the 2000s, feature films from the same period, along with historical news and documentary programming.

Through its ownership by Weigel, Decades is a sister network to "MeTV, which focuses on classic television series from the 1950s to the 1990s and carries some programming from Decades corporate cousin "CBS Television Distribution. As the network has access to theatrical films and television series remastered for "high definition and "widescreen presentation, the network is carried in "480i widescreen.


On October 21, 2014, CBS Corporation and Weigel Broadcasting announced the launch of Decades, with plans to debut the network in 2015; through its part-ownership by CBS Corporation, Decades announced that "owned-and-operated stations of the "CBS television network would serve as its initial charter affiliates.[4][5]

The network is the first national multicasting venture by "CBS Television Stations; the group did not carry subchannels on any of its television stations prior to 2013 and at the time of the Decades announcement, only three of its stations even maintained subchannels (CBS O&Os "WCBS-TV in "New York City and "KYW-TV in "Philadelphia carried rolling news channels under the "CBS Plus" brand on their respective secondary subchannels, while "independent station "KTXA in "Dallas-"Fort Worth carried "MeTV on its second subchannel). In addition, CBS Television Distribution had already maintained a content distribution agreement with Weigel Broadcasting's classic television network "MeTV, which sourced much of its programming from that library.

On January 13, 2015, Weigel Broadcasting confirmed that its "Milwaukee CBS affiliate "WDJT-TV would carry the network on its fourth digital subchannel[6] (replacing the digital news service "TouchVision).

Decades officially launched at 7:00 a.m. "Eastern Time on "May 25, 2015, with the series premiere of Through the Decades as its inaugural telecast. At the time, the network was available in over 45% of all American households with a television set.[7]


Decades relies primarily on programming from the extensive content library owned by CBS Television Distribution,[4] which includes the pre-2006 "Paramount Television library – which CBS had acquired as a result of absorbing Paramount's syndication unit in 2006 through its split from "Viacom into a separate company – along with series from "Desilu Productions, "Bing Crosby Productions, "Don Fedderson Productions, "QM Productions, "Spelling Television and "Republic Pictures Television. Decades also carries series and movies from "NBCUniversal, "Warner Bros., "20th Century Fox, "Sony Pictures Entertainment, "Paramount Pictures, "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, "Lionsgate, "Sonar Entertainment, the "Peter Rodgers Organization, "Shout! Factory, "The Carsey-Werner Company and the "public domain.

In order to stand out from other "retro-TV" multicast services (such as "MeTV and "Antenna TV), the Monday through Friday schedule initially featured a block of programming based on a daily theme, with "interstitials to highlight the theme. Each six-hour block of programming was repeated four times a day and typically included a feature film, episodes of theme related TV programs, and biographical programs featuring celebrities, actors and actresses, musicians, athletes, and public figures of interest. The theme blocks were bookended with Through the Decades, an hour-long program hosted and narrated by "Bill Kurtis (who formerly served as an anchor for Chicago CBS O&O WBBM-TV and CBS News) that explores the events and news from a particular day or period in history, using archival footage that CBS owns via services such as "CBS News and CBS Television Distribution's "syndicated newsmagazine program "Entertainment Tonight.[3][4][8]

The network's Saturday and Sunday schedule features ""binge" blocks of classic television series. Beginning on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. (ET), forty-two consecutive hours are devoted to a particular series, which is usually sourced from either the CBS Television Distribution library of shows or a show Weigel Broadcasting has a contract to carry (such as one of the shows it broadcasts on MeTV).[9]

Airings of "The Dick Cavett Show were added to the schedule February 1, 2016 within the daily themed block, as appropriate. Episodes from Cavett's late-night ABC talk show from 1969 to 1974 as well as his later interview series on PBS, USA, and CNBC were all made available for airing.[10]

On November 1, 2016, a major change was made to the programming lineup, with the daily programming block reduced to two airings daily (one from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, the other in overnight) as the 2:00 p.m. to midnight (ET) time period was converted to a "daily binge" with a different show airing each day. During the month of November, a different "cop show" was aired each weekday;[11] in December, sitcoms were featured, and in January 2017, shows that aired in 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987 and 1997 were featured.

A further shift in direction from the original channel concept came on December 5, 2016, when the network added two daily airings of the NBC series "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, the first breaking the daily binge in half at 6:00 p.m. (ET) and the same show repeating at the conclusion of the binge time block.[12] The themed block was also modified to include a daily airing of The Dick Cavett Show at the starting point of each day's block.

On January 2, 2017, the weekday schedule was further altered by the addition of back-to-back airings of two episodes of "Ripley's Believe it or Not! at 5:00 p.m. (ET); it is followed by two separate episodes of Laugh-In at 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., Through The Decades at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. (but without the associated themed programming), and a different episode of The Dick Cavett Show than the one in the themed block airing at 8:00 p.m. The "daily binge" then resumes at 11:00 p.m. until the daily themed block replay at 2:00 a.m.

The weekend "binge" schedule remained unchanged through the late-2016/early-2017 weekday changes.

As of 2018, Decades began airing a collection of series that had lapsed into the "public domain: "The Great Gildersleeve, "Topper, "The Bob Cummings Show, "Life with Elizabeth, "The Loretta Young Show and "Annie Oakley.


As of May 2015, Decades has current or pending affiliation agreements with 35 television stations covering at least 44% of the United States.[7] Weigel Broadcasting handles the responsibility of affiliate distribution to stations outside the core CBS O&O group.[3]

Decades is being offered to stations on a "barter basis, in which the network and the local affiliate will share the responsibility of selling advertising inventory and split the allocated hourly commercial time; CBS affiliates and their owners hold the "right of first refusal to carry the network in their local market, before it is offered to other network-affiliated stations.[3] The network is also available on local "cable television providers (most likely through their "digital tiers, as is the case with most multicast networks) and other "pay television services at the discretion of the affiliate's parent station.[13]

"CBS Television Stations initially planned to launch Decades on all 16 "CBS owned-and-operated stations (including two that operate as "satellite stations of "Minneapolis O&O "WCCO-TV); not all of the "CBS Television Stations outlets were announced to carry Decades initially, as "CW owned-and-operated stations in markets where "CBS Corporation does not own a "CBS O&O (such as "Tampa and "Seattle) were originally excluded from its initial list of affiliates; the standalone CW O&Os were later added as charter stations by late April 2015. In the "Chicago market, where "CBS Television Stations and Weigel Broadcasting each own television stations, the network is carried on "CBS O&O "WBBM-TV, instead of one of Weigel's three stations in that market – "WCIU-TV, "WWME-CA and "WMEU-CD (a similar situation exists in that market with "Movies!, in which "WPWR-TV – owned by Weigel's partner in that network, "Fox Television Stations – carries the network in lieu of any of Weigel's outlets); Weigel-owned WDJT will carry the network in the Milwaukee market.[6] "WMYS-LD in "South Bend, Indiana is the other Weigel-owned station to carry the network.

On January 9, 2015, Decades reached its first affiliation agreement with a station outside the core "CBS group, through a deal with "Media General for its "Green Bay, Wisconsin "ABC affiliate "WBAY-TV (which was previously affiliated with "CBS from 1953 to 1992). WBAY planned to carry the marathon blocks on its third subchannel as a replacement for the Live Well Network;[2] however, on January 13, as a result of "Disney–ABC Television Group's decision to temporarily continue Live Well Network's national operations, WBAY announced that its 2.3 subchannel would not switch to Decades until after LWN's new March 2015 shutdown date.[14] It eventually picked up "Ion Television as part of a group deal with WBAY owner "Media General to carry the network in markets without an Ion station.

List of affiliates[edit]

"City of license/"Market Station[15] Affiliate "Virtual
Owner Notes Replacing network (if applicable)


"Phoenix "KASW "The CW 61.2 (49) "Nexstar Media Group November 9, 2015


"Fort Smith "KFLU-LD "TCN 20.3 (20) "DTV America Corporation March 2017


"Los Angeles "KCBS-TV "CBS 2.2 (43) "CBS Television Stations February 3, 2015
"Sacramento–"Stockton–"Modesto "KOVR 13.2 (25)
"San Francisco–"Oakland–"San Jose "KPIX-TV 5.2 (29) February 9, 2015
"Santa Barbara Cable Only TBA "Cox Communications Coming Soon


"Denver "KCNC-TV CBS 4.2 (35) CBS Television Stations January 23, 2015

District of Columbia[edit]

"Washington WRZB-LD "Escape 31.5 (32) DC Broadcasting


"Jacksonville "WJAX-TV CBS 47.3 (19) "Cox Media Group June 1, 2015
"Miami–"Fort Lauderdale "WFOR-TV 4.2 (22) CBS Television Stations March 7, 2015
"Orlando "WKMG-TV 6.3 (26) "Graham Media Group December 12, 2016 "Heartland
"St. Petersburg–"Tampa "WTOG The CW 44.2 (44) CBS Television Stations March 7, 2015
"Tallahassee, Florida "WCTV CBS 6.2 "Gray Television


"Atlanta "WUPA The CW 69.2 (43) CBS Television Stations May 8, 2015
"Toccoa–"Athens "WGTA "H&I 32.2 (24) Marquee Broadcasting


"Boise KRID-LD H&I 22.3 Idaho TV 22 July 1, 2017
"Idaho Falls "KPVI-DT NBC 6.2 "Northwest Broadcasting January 13, 2016


"Chicago "WBBM-TV CBS 2.2 (12) CBS Television Stations January 29, 2015
"WMEU-CD Independent 48.4 (32) Weigel Broadcasting 2017


"Indianapolis "WBXI-CD 47.1 "CBS Television Stations Local Weather
"South Bend "WMYS-LD "MyNetworkTV 69.3 (39) "Weigel Broadcasting "TouchVision


"Louisville "WBNA "Ion Television 21.5 (8) Evangel World Prayer Center "Qubo


"Wichita "KSCW-DT The CW 33.2 (12) Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc.


"Lafayette K18JF-D "DrTV 18 "DTV America Corporation Launches 2017
K36MG-D 36
"New Orleans "WWL CBS 4.3 (36) "Tegna


"Bangor "WABI-TV CBS 5.3 (5) "Diversified Communications October 1, 2015


"Baltimore "WJZ-TV CBS 13.2 (13) CBS Television Stations


"Boston "WBZ-TV CBS 4.2 (30) CBS Television Stations February 26, 2015


"Detroit "WWJ-TV CBS 62.2 (44) CBS Television Stations February 10, 2015


"Minneapolis–"St. Paul "WCCO-TV CBS 4.2 (32) CBS Television Stations March 10, 2015
"Walker "KCCW-TV 12.2 (12)


"St. Louis "KNLC H&I 24.5 (14) Weigel Broadcasting


"Omaha 133 "Mediacom Cable


"Las Vegas "KHSV H&I 21.2 (2) "Howard Stirk Holdings

New York[edit]

"Albany/"Pittsfield "WNYA MyNetworkTV 51.3 (13) "Hubbard Broadcasting December 31, 2015
"New York City "WCBS-TV CBS 2.2 (33) CBS Television Stations January 16, 2015 CBS New York Plus

North Carolina[edit]

"Charlotte "WCNC-TV NBC 36.3 (22) Tegna April 28, 2016


"Canton / "Akron / "Cleveland "WEKA-LD "Cozi TV Digital: 27 (UHF) Virtual: 41 (PSIP) DTV America Corporation Launched February 22, 2011
"Canton / "Akron / "Cleveland "WQDI-LD "Estrella TV Digital: 21 (UHF) Virtual: 20 (PSIP) DTV America Corporation Launched May 17, 2011
"Cincinnati "WOTH-CD "Movies! 20.2 (20) Block Broadcasting
"Columbus "WBNS-TV CBS 10.3 (21) "Dispatch Broadcast Group


"Tulsa "KUOC-LD 48.3 (48) DTV America Corporation


"Portland "KOIN CBS 6.3 (40) Nexstar Media Group March 10, 2016


"Philadelphia "KYW-TV CBS 3.2 (26) CBS Television Stations January 16, 2015 CBS Philly Plus
"Pittsburgh "KDKA-TV 2.2 (25) March 16, 2015


"Memphis "WHBQ-TV "Fox 13.3 (13) Cox Media Group June 15, 2015
"Nashville "WJDE-LD H&I 31.3 (31) Evangel World Prayer Center of Kentucky Inc. January 8, 2015 "HSN
"Bristol, Virginia & "Bristol, Tennessee/"Tri-Cities "WCYB-TV NBC 5.3 (5) Bonten Media Group May 12, 2015 "Live Well Network


"Fort Worth–"Dallas "KTVT CBS 11.2 (19) CBS Television Stations February 3, 2015
"Houston "KTXH MyNetworkTV 20.3 (19) "Fox Television Stations October 2, 2015 "MundoFox/"MundoMax


"Cedar City/"St. George "KCSG 8.2 (14.4) "Weigel Broadcasting November 27, 2017 Back Country TV


"Roanoke "WDBJ CBS 7.3 (18) Gray Television April 27, 2015


"Bellingham "KVOS "H&I 12.4 (35.4) "Weigel Broadcasting added January 17, 2018
"Spokane "KREM CBS 2.3 (20) Tegna April 27, 2016
"Tacoma–"Seattle "KSTW The CW 11.2 (11) CBS Television Stations May 9, 2015


"Crandon "WMOW The CW 4 (4.3) Quincy Media September 2, 2015 "This TV
"Eagle River "WYOW ABC 34 (34.3)
"Eau Claire "WQOW 18 (18.3)
"La Crosse "WXOW 19 (19.3)
"Madison "WKOW 27 (27.3)
"Milwaukee "WDJT-TV CBS 58.4 (46)[6] Weigel Broadcasting January 16, 2015 "TouchVision
"Wausau "WAOW ABC 9 (9.3) Quincy Media September 2, 2015[16] This TV

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