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Democratic Party of Connecticut
Chairman Nick Balletto
Senate leader "Martin Looney
House leader Matthew Ritter
Headquarters "Hartford, CT
"Ideology "Liberalism
"Social liberalism
National affiliation "Democratic Party
Colors "Blue
"State Senate
18 / 36
"State House
80 / 151
"U.S. Senate
(Connecticut seats)
2 / 2
"U.S. House of Representatives
(Connecticut seats)
5 / 5

The Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee (CT Dems) is the affiliate of the "Democratic Party in the state of "Connecticut. The state chair of the party is Nick Balletto, and the Vice Chair is "Nancy DiNardo.[1] The Democratic Party controls both chambers of the "state legislature, all constitutional state offices and all five of Connecticut's seats in the "House and both of its "Senate seats.


Town committees[edit]

In Connecticut, there are Democratic Town Committees in many of the towns and cities. They consist of an elected Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.[2] The Town Committees have the ability to endorse a particular candidate in a primary election.[3] According to 10 CS 210, court has no power concerning political party policies or organization.

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"U.S. Senate[edit]

"U.S. House of Representatives[edit]

State officials[edit]

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