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Democratic Party of Virginia
Chairperson Susan Swecker
House leader "David Toscano
Minority Leader
"Mark Sickles
Caucus Leader
Senate leader "Richard L. Saslaw
Minority Leader
"Mamie Locke
Caucus Leader
Founded 1924 (1924)
Headquarters 919 East Main Street.[1]
"Richmond, Virginia 23223
"Youth wing Young Democrats of Virginia
Women's wing "National Federation of Democratic Women
Overseas wing "Democrats Abroad
LGBT wing "LGBT Democrats of Virginia
"Political position "Center to "center-left
National affiliation "Democratic Party
Colors      "Blue
Seats in the "US Senate
2 / 2
Seats in the "US House
4 / 11
Seats in the "VA Senate
19 / 40
Seats in the "VA House
49 / 100
"VA statewide offices held
3 / 3

The Democratic Party of Virginia (VA Dems) is based in "Richmond in the "Commonwealth of Virginia.[2] It is affiliated with the national "Democratic Party of the "United States. The organization is governed by a State Party Plan,[3] which guarantees an open and fair candidate selection process. Although the party has members and elected officials throughout the state, it draws its highest number of votes from the "Tidewater area, Metropolitan Richmond, and suburban "Washington, D.C.

Historically, the Democratic Party has dominated Virginia politics. At the federal level, since the "2008 United States presidential election, Virginia has always voted for the Democratic United States presidential candidate. Since the "2012 Virginia elections, Virginia has always voted for the Democratic statewide candidate. Since the "112th United States Congress, Democratic United States House of Representatives have been in the minority in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

At the state level, since the "2013 Virginia elections, Virginia has always voted for the Democratic gubernational, lieutenant gubernational, and Attorney General candidates. since the "1851 Virginia gubernational election, the first gubernatorial election in Virginia in which the governor was elected by direct popular vote, 34 Virginia Governors have been Democrats. Since the 1851 Virginia lieutenant gubernational election, the first lieutenant gubernatorial election in Virginia in which the lieutenant governor was elected by direct popular vote, 29 Virginia Lieutenant Governors have been Democrats. Since the 1851 Virginia Attorney General election, the first Attorney General election in Virginia in which the Attorney General was elected by direct popular vote, 25 Attorney Generals have been Democrats. Since June 12, 2014, two days after the resignation of "Phillip Puckett, the "Senate of Virginia has been controlled by the Republican Party of Virginia. After the "2017 Virginia House of Delegates election, Democrats increased their number of seats in the chamber and currently control 49 seats, with Republicans holding a narrow majority of 51 seats.


Party platform[edit]

The party follows the platform of the "Democratic National Committee.[4]

Current elected officials[edit]

Members of Congress[edit]

U.S. Senate[edit]

U.S. House of Representatives[edit]

Statewide offices[edit]

Historical firsts[edit]

African Americans
Arab Americans
Lebanese Americans
Palestinian Americans
Asian Americans
Vietnamese Americans
Filipino Americans
Democratic Socialists of America
Jewish Americans
Latino Americans
Salvadoran Americans
Mexican Americans
Muslim Americans


State Steering Committee[edit]



Organization 1st Vice Chair[edit]


DNC Member[edit]

2nd Vice Chair of Rules[edit]

Technology & Communications Vice Chair[edit]

Outreach Vice Chair[edit]

Finance Vice Chair[edit]



1st CD Chair – Stafford[edit]

2nd CD Chair – Virginia Beach[edit]

3rd CD Chair – Portsmouth[edit]

4th CD Chair – Petersburg[edit]

5th CD Chair – Leon[edit]

6th CD Chair – Lynchburg[edit]

7th CD Chair – Chesterfield[edit]

8th CD Chair – Arlington[edit]

9th CD Chair – Floyd[edit]

10th CD Chair – Leesburg[edit]

11th CD Chair – Fairfax[edit]

Labor Caucus Chair[edit]

VA Association of Democratic Chairs Chair[edit]

Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia Chair[edit]

Women’s Caucus Chair[edit]

Latino Caucus President[edit]

LGBT Caucus Chair[edit]

Veterans and Military Families Caucus Chair[edit]

Virginia Young Democrats President[edit]

disAbility Caucus Chair[edit]

Asian-American Caucus Chair[edit]

Rural Caucus Chair[edit]

Small Business Caucus Chair[edit]

Immediate Past Chair[edit]

Executive Director[edit]

Deputy Executive Director[edit]

Chief Operating Officer[edit]

Finance Director[edit]

Political Director[edit]

Communications Director[edit]

Deputy Executive Director / CTO[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Executive Director[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Deputy Executive Director[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Finance Director[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Finance Assistant[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Communications Director[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Press and Research Assistant[edit]

House Democratic Caucus Field Director[edit]

Senate Democratic Caucus Executive Director[edit]

Senate Democratic Caucus Finance Director[edit]

Joint Democratic Caucus Director[edit]

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