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In "design studies, design computing is the practice of design activities through the application and development of novel concepts and techniques in computing.



In recent years a number of research and education areas have been grouped under the umbrella term "Design Computing", namely:

Research groups[edit]

The main research groups working in this area span from Faculties of Architecture, Engineering and Computer Science. Australia has been a pioneer in this area. For the last four decades the "Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition (KCDC), currently known as the Design Lab, at the "University of Sydney has been active in establishing this area of research and teaching. The "University of Sydney offers a Bachelor of Design Computing ([1]) and the "University of New South Wales also in "Sydney a Bachelor of Computational Design ([2]). In the US this research area is also known as "Design and Computation", namely at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT). Other relevant research groups include:


The biannual International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC) brings together high quality research on this area, as do annual conferences by the "Association for Computer Aided Design In Architecture and others.


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