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Tatra 87. Die Neue Sammlung

Die Neue Sammlung is one of the leading design museums in the world, with the largest collection of industrial and product design. Established around 100 years ago, Die Neue Sammlung is considered the world’s oldest design museum – regarded as such long before the word design acquired this meaning. Since then, Die Neue Sammlung has been making design history with its international acquisitions and stimulating exhibitions.

With over 100,000 catalogued items, Die Neue Sammlung is among the world’s largest design collections. It is very wide-ranging, with the collection covering over 20 different areas, embracing Product and Industrial Design or Furniture and Graphic Design as well as topics such as Mobility and IT Design. Ceramics and glass are focal areas, as are Jewelry and Appliances, not to mention selected objects in the field of crafted design.

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Founded in 1907 in line with the ideas of the "German Werkbund, it was inaugurated as an official state museum in 1925. From the very beginning it distinguished itself from the museums of arts and crafts of the day by committing firmly to espousing the Modernism of the times and thus contemporary design. To this day, the Neue Sammlung’s agenda pursue those initial objectives.

Exhibitions (Selection)[edit]

A typical year will see more than a dozen different exhibitions being staged, covering all areas of the collection. Notable exhibitions of recent years have been:


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