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Donbass Arena
""2014. Донбасс Арена (14072322363).jpg
Location "Donetsk, "Ukraine
"Coordinates 48°1′15″N 37°48′35″E / 48.02083°N 37.80972°E / 48.02083; 37.80972
Owner "Shakhtar Donetsk
Operator Donbass Arena
"Capacity 52,187
Field size 105m x 68m
Surface Grass
Broke ground June 27, 2006
Opened August 29, 2009
Closed 2014 (due to "War in Donbass)
Construction cost " 3,175 billion
Architect "Arup Sports[1]
General contractor "ENKA
"UEFA Euro 2012
"Shakhtar Donetsk (2009–2014)

Donbass Arena or Donbas Arena ("Ukrainian: Донба́с Аре́на "[donˈbɑs ɑˈrɛnɑ], "Russian: Донба́сc Аре́на) is a stadium with a natural grass pitch in "Donetsk, "Ukraine (under occupation by the "Donetsk People's Republic) that opened on 29 August 2009. The facility is located in the center of the city, in the "Lenin Comsomol park. With a capacity of 52,518 spectators, the stadium used to host "FC Shakhtar Donetsk matches and hosted some matches of "Euro 2012. The final cost of construction for Donbass Arena was $400M.[2][3]

The name of the stadium represents the simplified and shortened name of the "Donets Basin - huge industrial region of Donbas, hence – Donbas (in Ukrainian language: Донецький басейн or Донбас).


Construction and design[edit]

Construction site in August 2007

Construction began in 2006. The general contractor was a Turkish company ENKA. The Stadium was completed and opened in 2009. About 1600 specialists, mainly Turkish, were involved in the construction.

Donbass Arena was designed by ArupSport. It was Project Managed by Arup Major Projects (Project Director Charles Goddard). Arup Sport also designed the "City of Manchester Stadium (Manchester, England), "Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany) and the "Beijing National Stadium (Beijing, China). The soaring roof effect makes the Stadium resemble a flying saucer. The stadium has an oval shape and a glazed façade and is located near "Regional Sport Complex Olimpiyskiy. The roof of the stadium slopes from north to south matching the landscape and contributing to the natural lighting and airing of the pitch. The external lighting makes the Stadium shine at night. A major design consideration was the ongoing protection of as much of the forest setting as possible (each tree having been planted in commemoration of deceased family members in the Great Patriotic War, and the exclusion zones to the neighbouring war memorials. A major geotechnical fault exists some 100m below the ground directly under the centre-spot. The building's foundations and piling was a major sub-project.


The Donbass Arena was completed ahead of schedule, but the grand opening was delayed until 29 August 2009 to coincide with the Ukrainian holiday of Miners Day, as well as Donetsk City day. Donetsk is in the Donbass region, a mining region, and the date was chosen for its symbolism. The primary tenant of the facility is football club "Shakhtar Donetsk ("Donetsk Coal Miners").

American Pop/R&B singer-songwriter "Beyoncé Knowles performed a show from her "I Am... Tour on the opening night of the new stadium. It was Knowles' first performance in Ukraine.[4] Beyoncé performed her famous hit "Halo to honour the memory of "Michael Jackson, who would have had his birthday on that day.

Many state officials attended the show designed by K-events Filmmaster Group. The opening ceremony was awarded as Event of the Year at the Stadium Business Awards on June 18, 2010 in "Dublin.

Shakhtar Donetsk's first match at the stadium was a 4–0 victory in a "Ukrainian Premier League "2009–10 Round 8 fixture on 27 September 2009 against "FC Obolon Kyiv.[5] The first international game took place on November 18, 2009 against "Greece, which "Ukraine lost 0–1 failing to qualify for the "2010 FIFA World Cup.

UEFA Euro 2012 matches[edit]

Donbass Arena was included in the official bidding project submitted by Poland and Ukraine for hosting "UEFA Euro 2012. The stadium was one of the venues for the UEFA Euro 2012. The stadium hosted group D stage games and one quarter-final and one semi-final game (with the other matches in that group played at "Kiev Olympic Stadium). Unlike most new stadiums being built in Poland and Ukraine, Donbass Arena was not specifically built for the tournament.

The following matches were played at the stadium during the UEFA Euro 2012:

Date Time ("CEST / "EEST) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Scored
2012-06-11 18.00 / 19.00  "France 1–1  "England "Group D "Joleon Lescott
"Samir Nasri
2012-06-15 18.00 / 19.00  "France 2–0  "Ukraine "Group D "Jérémy Ménez
"Yohan Cabaye
2012-06-19 20.45 / 21.45  "England 1–0  "Ukraine "Group D "Wayne Rooney
2012-06-23 20.45 / 21.45  "Spain 2–0  "France "Quarter-final "Xabi Alonso (2)
2012-06-27 20.45 / 21.45  "Portugal
0–0 "aet
(2–4 "pen.)
 "Spain "Semi-final

Other uses[edit]

Merchandise in the Shakhtar shop
Shakhtar Ultras in the stadium

The project of new stadium "Donbass Arena" was conceived long before Ukraine was named as co-host of "Euro 2012. The "owner considered the possibility of daily use of the arena. "Donbass Arena" includes three restaurants, a lounge-bar, a fan cafe, fast-food outlets, retail outlets, a fitness center, corporate boxes and first aid rooms. The stadium also provides facilities for corporate events - presentations, press conferences, celebrations and concerts. Stadium "tours are available which include an examination of the unique features of Donbass Arena, a visit to the footballers’ rooms and FC Shakhtar Museum and a visit to the FC Shakhtar brand shop for "souvenirs.

2014 conflict in Ukraine[edit]

On 20 May 2014 the stadium hosted a small "Peace March" against the violence of the "2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine and the "self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic.[6]

On 22 August 2014 the stadium was damaged by what was reported to be artillery shelling, as the Ukrainian armed forces clashed with pro-Russian separatists for control of the town.[7]

On 20 October 2014 the stadium was again damaged by what was reported to be artillery shelling. The stadium sustained damage to the east and west sides and at least one large glass panel fell near a young girl.[8] Due to the ongoing conflict in Donetsk, Shakhtar moved all home games to "Lviv (in the west) in 2014 before moving to the "Metalist Stadium in "Kharkiv (150 miles to the north of Donetsk) in early 2017.[9] Additionally, the club's administrative headquarters and player training sessions have been shifted to Kiev.[10] Despite the conflict, the stadium is slowly being repaired - on 31st May of 2018 the field turf was successfully restored[11].



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