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Donetsk Republic
Донецкая республика
Leader "Alexander Zakharchenko
"Andrei Purgin
"Denis Pushilin
Alexander Tsurkan
Oleh Frolov
Founded December 9, 2005 (2005-12-09)
Headquarters "Donetsk
Membership 140,000[1]
"Ideology "Russian nationalism
Colours Blue and Red
"People's Soviet
68 / 100
Official website

The Donetsk Republic ("Russian: Донецкая республика, Donétskaya respúblika) is a pro-Russian separatist political party operating in the "Donetsk area of "Ukraine. The group's goal is the creation of a "federation of sovereign Donetsk", which would include seven regions of eastern and southern Ukraine.[3][4] The group was banned in 2007, but this ban was marginal until the 2014 "Donbass War.["citation needed] In 2014, it founded the "Donetsk People's Republic, which Ukraine's government calls a terrorist organization.[5] The party won the "Donbass general elections, 2014 with the 68,53% and 68 seats.[6]



Map of Ukraine with the 2006 proposed Federal Republic of Donetsk in red.

Before the "Ukrainian crisis[edit]

The organization was established on December 6, 2005 as a city organization by Andrei Purguin, Alexander Tsurkan, and Oleh Frolov and on December 9, 2005 with support of Hennadiy Prytkov as a regional organization. The main goal of the organization was to grant the eastern regions of Ukraine a special status.[7] It claimed to fight the ""orange plague" of President "Viktor Yushchenko.[7] Their goal was to create a Federal Republic of Donetsk in Southeast Ukraine.[8] According to a map they published in 2006 this Federal Republic of Donetsk would comprise the ("Ukrainian Oblasts) "Kharkiv Oblast, "Luhansk Oblast, "Donetsk Oblast, "Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, "Zaporizhia Oblast and "Kherson Oblast.[8] Its pre-2014 rallies were averagedly attended by about 30-50 people.[7]

From November 17 to November 22 of 2006, its activists were conducting protests in Donetsk and were gathering signatures on creation of the Donetsk Republic.[9] Their activities were not supported by the prime minister, "Viktor Yanukovych.[10]

At the beginning of 2007, representatives of the organization conducted number of activities in various cities of "eastern Ukraine propagating the idea of separatism and federalization of the country.[11]

The group was banned by Donetsk's administrative regional tribunal in November 2007 on grounds of separatism.["citation needed] Despite this, the party continued to hold rallies.

Ukrainian crisis[edit]

In 2014, the organization founded the "Donetsk People's Republic, which Ukraine's government calls a terrorist organization.[5]

The group's leader, Andrei Purgin, was arrested by the "Security Service of Ukraine during the "2014 pro-Russian unrest.[3][4]

The party won the "Donbass general elections, 2014 with the 68,53% and 68 seats.[6] The "Communist Party of the Donetsk People's Republic participates in the Donetsk Republic's parliamentary group.[2] In the election campaign prior to these elections only the candidate of Donetsk Republic, "Alexander Zakharchenko, used billboards.[12] This resulted to the only visible campaign advertising in "Donetsk being in support of Zakharchenko.[13]

In the days and weeks prior till the postponement of the "DNR October 2015 local elections (to 21 February 2016[14]) 90% of the (campaign) advertising was done by Donetsk Republic.[15]


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