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Early music is "music, especially "Western art music, composed prior to the "Classical era.[1]["not in citation given] The term generally comprises "Medieval music (500–1400) and "Renaissance music (1400–1600), but can also include "Baroque music (1600–1760), and, according to some authorities such as Kennedy (who excludes Baroque),[1] "Ancient music (before 500 AD). According to the UK's "National Centre for Early Music, the term "early music" refers to both a repertory (European music written between 1250 and 1750 embracing Medieval, Renaissance and the Baroque) – and a historically informed approach to the performance of that music.[2] However, today this term has come to include "any music for which a historically appropriate style of performance must be reconstructed on the basis of surviving scores, treatises, instruments and other contemporary evidence."[3]



Performance practice[edit]

According to Margaret Bent, "Renaissance "notation is under-prescriptive by our standards; when translated into modern form it acquires a prescriptive weight that overspecifies and distorts its original openness. "Accidentals … may or may not have been notated, but what modern notation requires would then have been perfectly apparent without notation to a singer versed in "counterpoint".[4]

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