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Nairobi, East Africa's business hub

Many of the EAC's largest firms are headquartered in "Nairobi, including "Kenya Airways, the "Nation Media Group, and the "Kenya Commercial Bank Group. The multinational firms with their regional headquarters in Nairobi include Google, Coca Cola, and Toyota. The city is also home to the "Nairobi Securities Exchange. According to a 2007 published report, it is Africa's fourth largest in terms of trading volumes and fifth largest in terms of market capitalization as a percentage of gross domestic product.[62]


East African Federation

The new treaty was proposed with plans drawn up in 2004 to introduce a "monetary union with a common currency, the "East African shilling, some time between 2012 and 2015. There were also plans for a "political union, the East African Federation, with a common President (initially on a rotation basis) and a common parliament by 2010. However, some experts like those based out of the public think tank "Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), noted that the plans were too ambitious to be met by 2010 because a number of political, social and economic challenges are yet to be addressed. The proposal was the subject of National Consultative discussions, and a final decision was to be taken by the EAC Heads of State in mid-2007.[63] In 2013 a protocol was signed outlining their plans for launching a monetary union within 10 years.[8]

Single tourist visa[edit]

""Map of the African Union with Suspended States.svg
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"politics and government of
the African Union

It had been hoped that an East African Single Tourist Visa may have been ready for November 2006, if it was approved by the relevant sectoral authorities under the EAC's integration programme. Had it been approved, the visa would have been valid for all three current member states of the EAC (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). Under the proposal for the visa, any new EAC single visa could be issued by any member state's embassy. The visa proposal followed an appeal by the tourist boards of the partner states for a common visa to accelerate promotion of the region as a single tourist destination and the EAC Secretariat wanted it approved before November's World Travel Fair (or World Travel Market) in London.[64] When approved by the EAC's council of ministers, tourists could apply for one country's entry visa which would then be applicable in all regional member states as a single entry requirement initiative.[65]

A single East African Tourist Visa for the EAC countries of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda has been available since 2014.[66]


As of July 2015, the combined population of all five EAC member states was 169,519,847. The EAC would have the ninth largest population in the world, if considered a single entity.

The EAC contains 5 cities with populations of over one million, the largest being Dar es Salaam. "Kampala is the largest urban centre located on "Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world and "Mwanza coming in second and "Kisumu third.

The East African Community's current urban population stands at about 20%

Country Population GDP (PPP)
(Billions of $US)
GDP (Nominal)
(Billions of $US)
"Literacy (%)
1.  "Burundi 10,395,931 7.884 2.723 67.2
2.  "Kenya 45,010,056 125.77 55.3 87.4
3.  "Rwanda 12,337,138 17.362 7.431 71.1
4.  "South Sudan 12,042,910 22.46 12.88 27
5.  "Tanzania 49,639,138 84.884 42.3 67.8
6.  "Uganda 35,918,915 61.891 22.926 73.2
East African Community 169,519,847 411.813 158.568 68.35


Circle frame.svg

Religions in the EAC

  Christianity (76.04%)
  Islam (14.06%)
  Other/Unspecified (4.66%)
  "Animism (3.9%)
  No religion (1%)

"English is designated as the official language of the EAC, with "Kiswahili, often known as Swahili, designated for development as the "lingua franca of the community.[1] Within the EAC, there are two countries whose official language is "French: Rwanda and Burundi. Numerous local languages are also spoken: for example, there are 56 "local languages spoken in "Uganda[67] and 42 "local languages in Kenya. "Kinyarwanda is spoken in "Rwanda and Uganda.[68] In Kenya and Uganda, the medium of instruction in all schools is English.["citation needed]

East African passport[edit]

"Rwandan president "Paul Kagame at the 2006 EAC summit. Rwanda joined the EAC on 1 July 2007.

The East African passport was launched on 1 April 1999.[69] The East African passport has been introduced as a travel document to ease border crossing for EAC residents.[70][71] It is valid for travel within the EAC countries only and will entitle the holder to a multi-entry stay of renewable six months' validity in any of the countries.[70] The passport is issued in three of the five EAC member states ("Kenya, "Uganda and "Tanzania). The passports are available at the headquarters of the respective Immigration Departments in "Nairobi, "Kampala and "Dar es Salaam. Only East African nationals may apply to be issued with the passports.[70][71] The passport costs US$10 or the equivalent in EAC currencies.[71] Processing of applications for the passports will normally take two to three weeks. Although the passport is only valid within the EAC, modalities of internationalising the East African passport were being discussed with the aim towards having a common travel document for EAC residents by 2006.[70]

Other measures meant to ease border crossing for East African Community residents include the issuance of interstate passes (which commenced on 1 July 2003), a single immigration Departure/Entry card (adopted by all three member states), the finalisation of harmonised procedures of work permits and the classification process, and the compilation of studies on the Harmonization of Labour Laws and Employment Policies (now in its final stages).[70]


Current leaders of the EAC[edit]



Comparison with other regional blocs[edit]

"African Economic Community
blocs (REC)
Area (km²) Population GDP (PPP) ($US) Member
in millions per capita
"AEC 29,910,442 853,520,010 2,053,706 2,406 54
"ECOWAS 5,112,903 300,000,000 1,322,452 3,888 15
"ECCAS 6,667,421 121,245,958 175,928 1,451 11
"SADC 9,882,959 233,944,179 737,335 3,152 15
EAC 2,440,409 169,519,847 411,813 2,429 6
"COMESA 12,873,957 406,102,471 735,599 1,811 20
"IGAD 5,233,604 187,969,775 225,049 1,197 7
Area (km²) Population GDP (PPP) ($US) Member
in millions per capita
"CEMAC 2 3,020,142 34,970,529 85,136 2,435 6
"SACU 2,693,418 51,055,878 541,433 10,605 5
"UEMOA 1 3,505,375 80,865,222 101,640 1,257 8
"UMA 2 5,782,140 84,185,073 491,276 5,836 5
"GAFTA 3 5,876,960 166,259,603 635,450 3,822 5
1 Economic bloc inside a pillar REC

2 Proposed for pillar REC, but objecting participation
3 Non-African members of GAFTA are excluded from figures

  smallest value among the blocs compared
  largest value among the blocs compared

During 2004. Source: "CIA World Factbook 2005, IMF WEO Database

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