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East Korea Bay
""Location of East Korea Bay.png
The location of East Korea Bay.
North Korean name
"Chosŏn'gŭl 동조선만
"Hancha 東朝鮮灣
South Korean name
"Hangul 동한만
"Hanja 東韓灣

The East Korea Bay or East Korean Bay, also known by its Korean names Dongjoseon-man or Donghan-man, is a "bay in "North Korea and an extension of the "Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea). It is located between the "provinces of "South Hamgyong and "Kangwon. Its northern end is "Musu Dan, near the "Musudan Village missile site which gave its name to North Korea's "Taepodong and "Musudan missiles. Whaling was once common in the region, targeting species such as "fin whales.[1]

It was formerly also known in English as Broughton Bay.[2]

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"Coordinates: 39°30′00″N 127°49′59″E / 39.5°N 127.833°E / 39.5; 127.833

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