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Edison Museum
""Edison museum beaumont tx 2014.jpg
Edison Museum
""Edison Museum is located in Texas
Edison Museum
Edison Museum's location in Texas
Established 1982 (1982)
Location 350 Pine Street, "Beaumont, Texas 77701
"Coordinates 30°05′08.3″N 94°05′48″W / 30.085639°N 94.09667°W / 30.085639; -94.09667
Type "Science, "Technology, and "History
Collection size over 1,400 artifacts dedicated to Thomas Alva Edison
Owner Edison Museum, a non-profit education foundation
Public transit access "BMTS
Route #6 (Refinery)
Route #7 (South Park)
Route #8 (Pear Orchard)
Nearest parking Free, adjacent to museum
Website Museum website

The Edison Museum, a science and history museum about the life and inventions of "Thomas Edison, is located in "Beaumont, Texas at 350 Pine St. on the grounds of "Edison Plaza.



The museum building was formerly the "Gulf States Utilities Travis Street Power Substation. The power substation came on line in 1929.[1] According to the Texas State Historical Marker in front of the substation building, the substation provided power ranging from street lights to cotton gins to rice irrigation to refineries in spite of "The Great Depression.[2]


"...The museum is the only facility of its kind west of the "Mississippi River..."[3] Interactive exhibits about Edison, his inventions and innovations, as well as historic artifacts from his life are featured. Featured inventions include the "incandescent light bulb, the "phonograph, and some of Edison's early "motion pictures.[4] There is also a reference library about Edison. The collection origin is tied to W. Donham Crawford, former "CEO of Gulf States Utilities. Crawford was an avid collector of Edison artifacts. The collection was bequeathed to the museum in the early 1980s by Crawford's widow.[5]

The museum is part of a concentration of several museums in the "downtown Beaumont area. It is located blocks away from the "Tyrrell Historical Library, the "Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the "Beaumont Children's Museum (temporarily located in the "Beaumont Civic Center), and the "Fire Museum of Texas.

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