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The Entomological Society of America (ESA) was founded in 1889 and today has more than 6,000 members, including educators, extension personnel, consultants, students, researchers, and scientists from agricultural departments, health agencies, private industries, colleges and universities, and state and federal governments. It serves the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and people in related disciplines. To facilitate communication among members, the ESA is divided into four sections based on "entomological interests, and six branches, based on geographic proximity. The national office is located in "Annapolis, "Maryland.



In 1889, the American Association of Economic Entomologists was founded by Charles V. Riley, primarily focusing on economic entomology. In 1906, the Entomogical Society of America was organized meet the needs of the broader dimensions of biology, taxonomy, morphology, and faunistic studies of insects.


Annual meetings[edit]

The Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America is its premier event each year. For a four-day period, thousands of entomologists and professionals from related disciplines gather from around the world to exchange scientific information and ideas, enhance professional knowledge and skills, network with colleagues and re-acquaint with old friends, and conduct the business of the Society.

Certification programs[edit]

ESA offers two certification programs, the Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) and the Board Certified Entomologist (BCE). BCE is geared toward those who are formally educated in entomology and ACE more toward those with hands-on training and professional development in the field of structural pest management.


The six ESA branches include five North American branches: Eastern, North Central, Pacific, Southeastern, and Southwestern. Their members are states/provinces of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, with Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Southeastern Branch and the US territories of the Pacific Ocean in the Pacific Branch. All other nations and territories comprise the sixth, International Branch.


ESA and the Entomological Foundation provide annual honors and awards to recognize scientists, educators, and students, who have distinguished themselves through their contributions to entomology, and offer limited financial assistance for academic study.[1]

Each of the six branches of the ESA give out the "John Henry Comstock Graduate Student Award annually for achievement by a graduate student.


Most Popular:[2]

Fellow Year elected
Perry L. Adkisson 1984
John R. Anderson 2003
"Charles S. Apperson 2009
"Thomas C. Baker 2009
Yuri S. Balashov 1995
R. E. Balch 1944
George E. Ball 2005
Pedro Barbosa 1997
Martin M. Barnes 1991
Stanley D. Beck 1991
"May R. Berenbaum 2002
C. Wayne Berisford 2007
Gary J. Blomquist 2010
M. W. Boesel 1943
David J. Boethel 2010
George E. Bohart 1951
"Richard M. Bohart 1947
Bryony Bonning 2013
John H. Borden 1999
Christian Borgemeister 2012
Donald J. Borro 1943
Nilsa Bosque-Perez 2014
Dale G. Bottrell 2004
Rick L. Brandenburg 2004
Michael C. Breed 2006
Susan J. Brown 2011
John S. Caldwell 1946
James R. Carey 2011
G. Michael Chippendale 1994
Joel R. Coats 2007
Arthur C. Cole 1943
Robert N. Coulson 2008
"George B. Craig 1986
Edward W. Cupp 1998
Ralph H. Davidson 1943
Frank M. Davis 2005
Consuelo De Moraes 2013
David L. Denlinger 1994
Silvia Dorn 2004
Angela E. Douglas 2011
John D. Edman 1994
"Thomas Eisner 1987
Brian Federici 2009
Dorothy Feir 1993
Gary Felton 2014
Rene Feyereisen 2013
Malcolm J. Fraser 2009
Randy Gaugler 2005
George P. Georghiou 1989
"Willis J. Gertsch 1940
Frank E. Gilstrap 2011
Newell E. Good 1943
Michael E. Gary 2013
Henry H. Hagedorn 2012
David Goodsell Hall 1941
Bruce Hammock 2010
"D. Elmo Hardy 1951
"Melville Hatch 1938
John G. Hildebrand 2008
William M. Hoskins 1947
Henry F. Howden 2005
"Marjorie A. Hoy 1996
Hugh Cecil Huckett 1938
Scott H. Hutchins 2009
Frederick P. Ide 1940
Murray Isman 2014
Anthony A. James 2011
Marshall W. Johnson 2006
Richard L. Jones 2004
Harry K. Kaya 2007
George G. Kennedy 2003
Zeyaur R. Khan 2010
Alexander Klots 1947
George F. Knowlton 1940
Loke T. Kok 2005
Dennis K. Kopp 2010
Karl J. Kramer 1943
Lawrence A. Lacey 2008
Harry H. Laidlaw 1991
John H. Law 1995
John F. Lawrence 2005
Phillip Lawyer 2014
"Walter Leal 2009
Richard E. Lee 2007
Norman Leppla 2009
Leslie C. Lewis 2008
W. Joe Lewis 2008
Tong-Xian Liu 2014
Lubomir Masner 2005
Richard T. Mayer 2004
J. E. McPherson 2007
"Charles D. Michener 1944
Jocelyn Millar 2013
Jacqueline Miller 2008
Thomas A. Miller 2010
"Nancy A. Moran 2014
Joseph G. Morse 2012
Bradley A. Mullens 2011
Ralf Nauen 2013
H. H. J. Nesbitt 1952
Christian Oseto 2013
Robert E. Page 2012
Timothy D. Paine 2006
Subba Reddy Palli 2014
Michael P. Parrella 2008
Bobby C. Pass 1990
"Nellie M. Payne 1940
Thomas L. Payne 2003
Larry P. Pedigo 2005
Noami E. Pierce 2011
Daniel A. Potter 2008
Sharron Quisenberry 2002
Kenneth F. Raffa 2012
"Alexander Raikhel 2009
Ashok K. Raina 1997
Sonny B. Ramaswamy 2005
Earl S. Raun 2004
William K. Reisen 2003
Marlin E. Rice 2011
Paul O. Ritcher 1944
Hugh M. Robertson 2012
"Gene E. Robinson 2009
Louis M. Roth 1952
"Miriam Louisa Rothschild 2001
"Louise M. Russell 1951
Michael Rust 2001
Carl W. Schaefer 2006
Coby Schal 2006
John B. Schmitt 1943
Herbert F. Schoof 1952
Randall Schuh 2013
Jeffrey Scott 2013
Thomas W. Scott 2010
Frantisek Sehnal 2007
Hari Sharma 2014
Anthony M. Shelton 2010
William Showers 2009
Karel Slama 2001
Michael C. Smith 2006
Thomas C. Sparks 2012
Herman T. Spieth 1952
Lewis J. Stannard 1957
Barbara Stay 2001
Kevin L. Steffrey 2008
Frederick M. Stephen 2011
Michael R. Strand 2012
Nan-Yao Su 2007
Bruce Tabashnik 2007
George L. Teetes 1996
Edward S. Thomas 1946
Archie N. Tissot 1948
Nick C. Toscano 1997
Robert Traub 1951
John T. Trumble 1998
"Walter R. Tschinkel 2012
F. Tom Turpin 2010
Diane E. Ullman 2011
Patrick V. Vail 2003
Charles Vincent 2013
S. Bradleigh Vinson 1995
Robert K. Washino 1996
Judith H. Willis 2004
Billy R. Wiseman 1994
Kenneth V. Yeargan 2007
Victoria Y. Yokohama 2006
Frank G. Zalom 2008
Myron Zalucki 2014
Kun Yan Zhu 2014
Sanford D. Eigenbrode 2016


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