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An ethical job is a broad term to describe a job which accords with a person's "ethics or values.["citation needed]



In 2005, "The Guardian newspaper polled 2,000 undergraduates in the UK, and found that "over 70% of students said that a company's ethical track record is a crucial factor when choosing their employer".[1]

A 2005 poll by High Fliers Research of 6,227 final-year students at universities in Australia and New Zealand found that 40% said it was "very important" that their first employer be socially responsible, and 30% said it was "very important" that their first employer be environmentally responsible.[2]

In 2007, "Harris Interactive published the results of an "opinion poll of 1,741 workers in the United States. 73% of respondents said it was "important that [one's] employer be "environmentally and "socially responsible".

In a 2009 poll of employers at Australian "non-profit organizations conducted by EthicalJobs.com.au, 87% said that job seekers were more likely to apply for a position seen to be ethical.[3]

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