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European Parliament election, 1994 (France)
← "1989 12 June 1994 "1999 →

87 seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
  ""Dominique Baudis devant le Parlement européen.jpg ""Michel Rocard-IMG 3829.jpg ""Philippe de Villiers - Meeting in Toulouse for the 2007 French presidential election 0165 2007-04-16 cropped.jpg
Leader "Dominique Baudis "Michel Rocard "Philippe de Villiers
Party "UDF "PS "Majorité pour l'autre Europe
Last election 26 22 7
Seats won 28 15 13
Seat change Increase2 Decrease7 Increase6
Popular vote 4,985,574 2,824,173 2,404,105
Percentage 25.58% 14.49% 12.34%
Swing Decrease3.30% Decrease9.12% Increase3.91%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  ""Jeanmarielepen-profile-harounaaron (cropped 2).png ""Francis Wurtz Front de Gauche 2009-03-08.jpg
Leader "Bernard Tapie "Jean-Marie Le Pen "Francis Wurtz
Party "PRG "FN "PCF
Last election 2 10 7
Seats won 13 11 7
Seat change Increase11 Increase1 Steady
Popular vote 2,344,457 2,050,086 1,342,222
Percentage 12.03% 10.52% 6.89%
Swing Decrease1.21% Decrease0.83%

On 12 June 1994 the fourth direct "elections to the "European Parliament were held in the France. Six lists were able to win seats: an alliance of the centre-right "Union for French Democracy and the Gaullist "Rally for the Republic, the "Socialist Party, the "Left Radical Party, the "French Communist Party, the "National Front and "Philippe de Villiers' "eurosceptic right-wing dissident UDF list, which formed the "Majorité pour l'autre Europe. 53.5% of the French population "turned out on election day, actually an improvement on the last election in 1989. "The Greens, who were weakened by an "Ecology Generation list led by "Brice Lalonde (winning 2.01%) and also suffering from internal divisions between the party's left (who wanted an electoral alliance with the Soécialists and the left) and the right (rejecting all alliances), lost all 9 seats won in 1989. "Arlette Laguiller's Trotskyst "Workers' Struggle (2.27%), "Jean-Pierre Chevènement's left-wing eurosceptic "Citizens' Movement (2.54%), the L'Europe commence à Sarajevo List (1.57%) and the agrarian populist"Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Traditions (3.96%) were among the notable lists which did not pass the 5% threshold.

With 14.49%, the Socialists, the party of "President "François Mitterrand, whose list was led by "Michel Rocard suffered its worst result ever in a European election, losing votes mainly to the Radical list led by wealthy businessman and a protégé of Mitterrand, "Bernard Tapie. Most analysts agreed that Mitterrand supported Tapie's list behind the scenes, since Rocard was a personal rival of Mitterrand and he wished to destroy Rocard's chances in the "1995 presidential election. In fact, Rocard resigned as First Secretary of the PS shortly thereafter and did not run in 1995 – "Lionel Jospin was the Socialist candidate.

The other surprise was "Philippe de Villiers success. Villiers, the "President of the General Council of "Vendée, was a eurosceptic member of the liberal component ("PR) of the pro-European UDF. He won a surprisingly strong 12.34%, and his thirteen MEPs formed the nucleus of the "Europe of Nations group. However, his success did not lead him to immediate political successes – he polled barely 4% in the "1995 presidential election.



e • "d Summary of the results of France's 12 June 1994 election to the "European Parliament
"← 1989 • "1994 • "1999 →
National party European party Main candidate Votes % +/– Seats +/–
"Union for French Democracy (UDF) + "Rally for the Republic (RPR) "Dominique Baudis 4,985,574 25.58 28 2 Increase
"Socialist Party (PS) "Michel Rocard 2,824,173 14.49 15 7 Decrease
"Union for French Democracy dissidents (UDF diss.) "Philippe de Villiers 2,404,105 12.34 13 6 Increase
"Movement of Radicals of the Left (MRG) "Bernard Tapie 2,344,457 12.03 13 13 Increase
"National Front (FN) "Jean-Marie Le Pen 2,050,086 10.52 11 1 Increase
"Communist Party (PCF) "Francis Wurtz 1,342,222 6.89 7 0 Steady
"Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Traditions (CPNT) André Goustat 771,061 3.96 0 0 Steady
"The Greens (VERTS) "Marie Anne Isler-Béguin 574,806 2.95 0 9 Decrease
"Citizens' Movement (MDC) & other left-wing parties "Jean-Pierre Chevènement 494.986 2.54 0
"Workers' Struggle (LO) "Arlette Laguiller 442,723 2.27 0
"Ecology Generation (GE) "Brice Lalonde 392,291 2.01 0
Europe Begins in Sarajevo Léon Schwartzenberg 305,633 1.57 0
Others (parties and candidates that won less than 1% of the national vote and no seats) 0
Valid votes 19,487,470 94.67
Blank and invalid votes 1,097,510 5.33
Totals 20,584,980 100.00 87 6 Increase
Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout 39,019,797 52.76 3.96 Increase

Members elected[edit]

UDF – RPR[edit]


UDF dissidents[edit]





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