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European Union (Accessions) Act 2003
Act of Parliament
"Long title An Act to make provision consequential on the treaty concerning the accession of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Malta, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovak Republic to the European Union, signed at Athens on 16th April 2003; and to make provision in relation to the entitlement of nationals of certain acceding States to enter or reside in the United Kingdom as workers.
"Citation 2003 c 35
"Royal assent 13th November 2003
Status: "Spent
Text of statute as originally enacted

The European Union (Accessions) Act 2003 (c 35) is an "Act of the "Parliament of the United Kingdom which ratified and legislated for the accession of the "Czech Republic, "Bulgaria, "Estonia, "Cyprus, "Latvia, "Lithuania, "Hungary, "Malta, "Poland, "Slovenia and "Slovakia to the "European Union from May 1 2004. It received "royal assent on 13 November 2003.

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