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Francesco Di Bartolo ("Catania, "Sicily, 1826 – 1913) was an "Italian engraver and painter.

He resided in "Catania for most of his adult life, and became Director of the Civic Museum in his native city. He was honorary professor at the Institute of Fine Arts of "Naples. He was prolific in engraved and acquaforte depictions. Among his acquaforte colored engravings are: Gli Iconoclasti of "Morelli, the paintings of animals by "Palizzi, and a series of portraits including of Count Cavour. Among his engravings with "burin are those of a Madonna by "Murillo and of the "Madonna of the Harpies by "Andrea del Sarto. He won various silver and gold prizes at exhibitions. He was awarded an honor in the Order of San Maurizio, and became an associated at many Academies in Italy, as well as of the Academy in "St Petersburg, Russia.[1]


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