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Frank McEnulty
Personal details
Born Frank Edward McEnulty
1956 (age 60–61)
Political party "Reform
"Alma mater "California State University,
Long Beach

"University of Southern

Frank Edward McEnulty (born 1956) is an "American "businessperson and "politician. In the "2008 presidential election, he was the "vice presidential "nominee of the "Reform Party of the United States of America, and the "presidential nominee of the "New American Independent Party. His "running mate for the latter was Bobby Klingler.[1] In total, he received 833 votes in the presidential election for his presidential candidacy and 481 for his vice-presidential candidacy. [1]



McEnulty is the president and "chief financial officer of Our Castle Homes, a residential building company that develops neighborhoods.

McEnulty is also president of I Made A Movie, Inc., and the president of more than a dozen other small, entrepreneurial enterprises. He has an "MBA, with a specialization in "venture management, "University of Southern California, December 1980, and a "BS in "accounting/"finance, "California State University, Long Beach, 1978. He is "Catholic and a fourth-degree member of the "Knights of Columbus.

Later political activities[edit]

In 2010, McEnulty resurfaced to criticize "Barack Obama, saying: “By the time the election was over, many people were viewing him as the second coming and no one can live up to those expectations. Unfortunately, he has also failed to live up to even more down to earth expectations as well, which is why I believe so many people are becoming more and more disenchanted with him.”

McEnulty hinted at a 2012 run, arguing a third-party candidate could attract widespread support in 2012.


  1. ^ "Dallas Reform Party Meeting",, July 7, 2008

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Party political offices
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"Peter Camejo
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