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ANT Fresco
"Developer(s) ANT Software Limited
Initial release 1994; 24 years ago (1994)
Written in "C
"Operating system "Microsoft Windows, "Linux, many others
Available in Various languages
"Type "Web browser
"License "Proprietary
Website www.antplc.com

ANT Fresco was a "proprietary, "embedded "web browser produced by ANT Software Limited, a "software development firm headquartered in "Cambridge, "United Kingdom. Fresco was superseded by Galio in 2004.

As an embedded web browser, Fresco was quite attractive due to its low hardware requirements.["citation needed] One of the first mainstream devices that used the Fresco web browser was the Prismiq Media Player released in 2003, and which featured 64 MB of "RAM and a "RISC "CPU. The Prismiq media player received awards from print publications "Financial Times and "PC Magazine along with the website "CNET.[1] It supported "HTML 4.01, "JavaScript 1.3, optionally "Macromedia Flash Player 5, "SSL security, and "anti-aliased fonts.[2] "IPTV tuners is another market niche where ANT's Fresco web browser has been used. By late 2006, ANT announced that "Pace Micro Technology shipped its one millionth TV set-top box including its Fresco web browser.[3]

The version of the Fresco browser as included in the Prismiq Media Player lacked support for "AJAX and modern JavaScript. ANT addressed these shortcomings in ANT Galio, launched in 2004.[4]


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