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The General Council of the Bar, commonly known as the Bar Council, is the professional association for "barristers in England and Wales. Established in 1894, it acts as a disciplinary body and a regulatory body through the "Bar Standards Board. The Bar Council also represents the interests of barristers.[1]


The General Council of the Bar was created in 1894 to deal with breaches of a barrister's professional etiquette, something that had previously been handled by the judiciary.[2] Along with the "Inns of Court it formed the "Senate of the Inns of Court and the Bar in 1974, a union that was broken up on 1 January 1987 following a report by "Lord Rawlinson. The "Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 designated the Bar Council as the professional body for barristers, with the role as a regulatory body being split off in 2006 to form the "Bar Standards Board.

List of Chairs[edit]


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