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Glenwood B&O Railroad Bridge
"Coordinates 40°23′54″N 79°55′53″W / 40.3984°N 79.9314°W / 40.3984; -79.9314"Coordinates: 40°23′54″N 79°55′53″W / 40.3984°N 79.9314°W / 40.3984; -79.9314
Carries "Allegheny Valley Railroad
Crosses "Monongahela River
Locale "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Other name(s) Wheeling bridge
Design Pratt "truss bridge
Material steel
Total length 2,397 feet (731 m)
Longest span 453 feet (138 m)
No. of spans 3 main
Piers in water 4
"Clearance below 50.5 feet (15.4 m)
Constructed by "American Bridge Company
Opened 1884
""Railway at West Homestead 099.jpg

The Glenwood B&O Railroad Bridge is a "truss bridge in "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which carries the "Allegheny Valley Railroad over the "Monongahela River.

The span was constructed in 1884 and upgraded in 1915. It served the busy "Wheeling division of the "Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, which in 1928, operated an average of 19 freight and 12 passenger trains across the structure each day. After B&O was absorbed into "CSX Transportation, this company ran local freight trains across the bridge; the short line "Allegheny Valley Railroad has a long term lease to manage this structure, which serves a route between its headquarters in an adjacent rail yard and "Washington, Pennsylvania.[1]

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