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Global Video
Industry "Retail
Fate Administration
Successor Global DVD (2006–2007)
Founded 1985
Founder Maq Rasul
Defunct 2006
Headquarters "Glasgow, "Scotland
Key people
Maq Rasul (CEO)
Products Home Entertainment
Video Rental

Global Video plc, was a chain of British video rental stores, which ceased trading in June 2006, after administration and renaming itself.[1] When the company entered administration, it renamed itself to Global DVD, whom ironically entered administration.[2] Global Video stores were largely concentrated, in both "Scotland and the "North of England.

After entering administration, Maq Rasul, the chain's founder, decided to give up running the business.[3] In March 2005, Mr. Rasul was ranked in Scotland's Richest Asians, in a survey published by "Sunrise Radio. They had some rivals, such as "Blockbuster Video, "Tesco DVD and "LoveFilm. In April 2000, the company announced a major expansion.[4]

Finally, in 2006, after many stock had been sold off, the last store closed, after its last batch of products were sold. The store ceased to trade, and it was the final store in the group. About the closure, Mr Rasul was quoted as saying, "If I see one more "Paddy Power franchise in my area, I'll kill everyone in it and then myself."

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